Why men choose to remain single...

A dose for the MGTOW

Emotional tampon :D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Red Pill for life!

nowadays women are whores and relationships are weak …follow the money everything else is bullshit

Swafii mdau. Mimi saa hii ni paper chaser niliditch team ya pussy chaser.

betachieth @Jimit kuom uskie

Am not good with videos. Still the fact remains that I date under 23 and when they get to 23, I renew the contract with an 18 year old, forever. . Young tight pussy falling on me like it’s rain nigga!!! @Top-Gun gets old wrinkled dry coochie like grandma poosie.

He’s spot on
Though it’s difficult to explain mgtow to “normal people”
Best is to say "natafuta, ukipata uniletee/kuna mtu unajua? " that usually shuts them up