why marriages are no longer useful

As a man, any benefit you get in a marital relationship, you can still get it outside of marriage.

  1. Children – Anyone with a rudimentary grasp of biology knows that an ovulating woman, once she’s inseminated, will conceive whether or not there is a marriage certificate in existence.

  2. Exclusivity – Hypergamy doesn’t care that you signed a piece of paper. Attraction cannot be legistlated. Once certain conditions are met, ALL women are capable of cheating. A marriage does not insulate you from the rules of hypergamy.

  3. Social status – A wedding ceremony raises the WOMAN’S social status, not the man’s. It is a public declaration that a man saw her worthy of marriage.

So far, there’s no benefit in it for men. Traditionally, women would trade their chastity for marriage. A woman’s virginity signaled that the womb was fresh and there was no doubt regarding the future kid’s paternity. And men had no choice. Promiscuity was frowned upon, therefore the avenue for sexual access was through marriage.

These days, women still demand marriage, despite the fact that the institution is no longer useful. Any man can get access to sex. Any man can get a kid outside of marriage, infact this is quickly becoming the norm. Men don’t need marriages to thrive.

Women, however, do need marriages. The cost of raising a kid is extremely high. The family also needs security. Go to any home without a father and you’ll notice one constant theme.

Societies thrive under the firm hand of the patriarchy. When women are left to their own devices, they languish. They stagnate. And they drag others down with them.

SOLUTION: There’s no solution. You cannot save society. You can only improve your own piece of the universe.

  1. Don’t get married. If a woman doesn’t love you without a ceremony, she won’t love you even after you throw her a world-class princess party.
    If a woman did not honour the tradition of chastity, you have no obligation to honour the tradition of marital commitment.

  2. Don’t slut-shame. Enjoy the sex party. Fuck the whores, and when they ask for commitment, laugh at them.

  3. Quit using vagina as the yardstick of success. Find worthy goals. You’re programmed to enjoy sex in order to pass on your genes. Your genes don’t care about you. They only care about propagating themselves. Sometimes even to your detriment. Understand that vagina is nothing special or scarce. It is a slippery hole attached to a vapid 22-year-old girl whose only passion is instagram pictures.

  4. Quit assigning value to your fellow men based on their ability to attract women. Girls are not a measure of a man’s worth.

  5. Realize that the ability to see the real social dynamics between people comes at the awful price of “death of your illusions.”

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I have a different view.

I would say very few women are marriage-worthy today.

How is that different? The bottomline is that marriage is a crappy deal for men.

Traditionally, men and women had clearly defined roles in society. The man would provide, and the woman would nurture.

These days women would rather work for their corporate bosses. They’d rather not cook for their families. Cleaning tasks they assign to the mboch.

Worst of all, they’ve ridden a variety of dicks. If a woman can ignore the tradition of chastity, then the man can ignore the tradition of marital commitment. Why pay full price for used goods?

we are moving towards the social system of the Mosuo tribe in the foothills of the Himalayas.

A world where women are treated as equals still remains but a piece of fiction in majority parts of the planet. But this glaring majority does not include a certain tribe from the far eastern foothills of the Himalayas. The Mosuo tribe that hails from the South-Western Chinese area of Yunnan, has women at the helm of its existence and we’re here to tell you all about it.
The female members of this tribe are, so to say, the bosses of the house who’re considered ‘complete’ despite not getting married or living with the fathers of their children. We say fathers because, the Mosuo women can have multiple partners without the burden of shame from within their community. Stigmas around such a lifestyle however begin to take shape as one steps out from within the confines of this tribe’s whereabouts.
The Mosuo women are living embodiments of the word matriarchal with their tribe being one of the last in the world to be so. The father of a child isn’t expected to raise a child, but a man–typically the child’s uncle–changing diapers or bathing children isn’t considered abnormal. In fact, men generally have a say in a household’s important decisions, but as per The Guardian, “the final say is always with Grandmother.” The women here are also in command when it comes to owning and inheriting property, working at farms and running the house."


Kijiji imejaa MGAYTOW philosophers.

Marriage is a losing game

Apana danganywa usioe na watu wako na mabibi na watoto.

ata dowry hakuna haja ya kulipa skuizi,if she’s seen more than 3 dicks hatulipi.

First of all no man will tell women to practice chastity because men are incapable of being chaste themselves.you can tell how practically impossible that is from the hekayas(screwing another man’s daughter,or the single parent threads that litter this site.

One would have to be delusional to think they deserve virginity offered to them on a platter(sexual naiivety) after all,the person is incapable of knowing that you have perfected the art of double speak whereby you intend to demand full accountability for their actions
But have no accountability nor sense of responsibility for your actions as everyone is collateral damage to you.

Demand marriage and virginity if you offer the same yourself.

tunakula soft meat ! hatuli singo mother nyama ngumu muzeeeeeeeeeeeeee

The game is rigged, and I don’t know why anyone still plays

Stupid homosexual. Virginity is not part of the traditional bargain for men. Male virginity is not valuable.

Why? Because a man has a limitless factory of sperm. Sperm is cheap. But women have a fixed number of eggs. Eggs are expensive.

A man who manages to fuck other women is estemeed because he has managed to convince women that his sperm is valuable. Which is a difficult endeavour.

A woman who gets fuacked is shunned. Because for a woman, sex is not a difficult task. Any woman can spread her legs. Keeping them shut is virtuous.

Enda tombwa. Jinga.

Elder men do not value virtue.if they did,hungekuwa ukilia kuhusu marriage hapa.Get it into your head.
The institution exists to protect a man’s offspring from certain death in the hands of another man who wants to mate with his mate and ensure continuity.
In true certainty, you did not marry the first woman whose virginity you took,neither the first 18-23 year old you chewed.

Not because virginity is valued,no one gives a shit about it :D:D:Dbecause preriquisite for commitment 21st century ni nikupanulie miguu(not guaranteed).:D:D:DAccess to her womb and fifteen others:D:D:D:D for you to plant your seed,and vamoose!

Now in the twenty first century you seek to do away with the stupid practice?The same women you won’t commit to because their too young and naive to know shit or too old to understand exactly what’s up?:D:D:D

Kindly jiiteni kamkutano mjue kwenye mlikosea juu hapa hamtoboi:D:D

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As men we value virginity and chastity. It is important for a man that paternity is not questioned, this is wired in our DNA. It is why men do not tolerate infidelity unlike women who are more likely to forgive. A woman who has slept or sleeps with multiple men puts the paternity of children into question. The man cannot be 100% sure that he is providing for offspring who are his. He cannot guarantee that his genes will be passed on and this is his sole purpose on earth. A fundamental principle wired into men is their preference for women who assure them that the children she bears are his and no one from her past will claim to be the father. Virginity at the beginning of a relationship is central to this. A woman who is not a virgin or is available to other men is nice to sleep with but the man has no interest having kids with her.

As a married man, I would advice any man under 30 years, DO NOT MARRY. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa.

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