Why Magufuli (Ph.D) approach to Corona is correct and scientific

Magufuli is using one of the “herd immunity” approaches to manage corona. There are 2 ways to achieve herd immunity.

  1. You let people get infected with the virus and then they develop immunity and the population becomes immune to the disease. Sweden has been using that approach and wasn’t locked down. British scientists had also advised Britain to use the herd immunity approach.

  2. The other way to achieve herd immunity is to vaccinate people, which basically means injecting them with a weakened form of the virus so that they develop antibodies against the virus and thus immunity.

[SIZE=6]What is herd immunity?[/SIZE]
Herd immunity, or community immunity, happens when a sufficient proportion of a population is immune to an infectious disease through prior illness or vaccination to make its spread from person to person unlikely, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

[SIZE=6]What about herd immunity for COVID-19?[/SIZE]
Experts estimate that herd immunity would require around 80-90% of the population to have COVID-19 immunity, either through prior infection or vaccination.

Sweden is on lockdown. I repeat, Sweden is on Lockdown. In fact, late last year, the King regretted their earlier approach, saying it failed


Magufuli does not take reference from anyone to do what he believe.
And unamaanisha kama Sweden wangefanya then hapo na wewe ndio ungekubali?
What I knew ni kwamba nchi ya Kenya ndio the most damaged country juu ya mambo ukoloni na Imani yao dhidi ya ngozi nyeupe

From your BBC link:


Sweden has never imposed a nationwide lockdown or the wearing of masks, and bars and restaurants have remained open.

Sweden is a very bad example. Their economy shrank more than that of their neighbours.
And Sweden has had far more Covid deaths. In the latest stats, Sweden has 11,000 Covid Deaths compared to 667 for Norway and 550 for Finland.
Herd Immunity means you allow many people to die and are left with the healthy ones.

At what point are you going to admit that Kenyans and Swedes are different races and that those differences heavily affect health outcomes?

Demographics by age too.