Why Liverpool deserved to win the epl title





Let’s deal with it and move on coz they didn’t win it.
Almost doesnt count.

Maji ya kimwagika hayazoleki. Accept kama @Meria Mata .


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hehehe najua unatroll lakini kama mtu hajafika enough points then they dont deserve. They deserve champs league if they win it juu huko kuna VAR

A miss is as good as a mile

This is in bad taste for us Liverpool fans. Lakini ni sawa.

But the most credible “conspiracy” theory I’ve heard is that a StandardChartered-sponsored Liverpool can never win a Barclays -sponsored league and Barclays will always make sure of it. What irony would it be to display the photos of their league with the winners being a team sponsored by a competitor!

Look for example the dodgy decisions in the Leicester and Everton draws where City overtook them.

This ain’t bad at all. If you look at this closely,you will see who used their financial clout to get to where they were last Sunday…

Imagine wasee kama was Chelshiet…
They even nicknamed their team Depression FC. They survived by having fun at their own expense and their team finished a respectable third…how about that? Ama niaje @gashwin

Ni ukweli. Those players did a legit job and deserved to win. They maintained the tempo throughout. Walilia sana huko Liverpool vile they have a community spirit. I happened to dash to the shops for some milk and had to pass by 2 pubs. Mazee you could tell the Liverpool fans from the Mancity fans.:frowning:
[SIZE=1]I am a City Fan when not supporting Chelsea. Simply to spite Man Useless who have been left in total ruins. [/SIZE]

:DYou need to go through the tweets again

Bado Mko hapa na ulikuwa nearly won? Na ingekuwa won?

:smiley: Niliziona and also read some really bad ones doing their rounds huku…but…

I hate the thinking where people say a player is a cheat because he scored an offside goal bullshit…so is the player also supposed to know if he is offside?? What is the work of lineamen?? If one can’t do his job well then dont blame another…

Otherwise a player does what he is paid to do: score fucking goals…!!!