Why KTalk is KTalk!

Juu we are all anonymous and we don’t endeavour to expose each other’s identities.
The mystery of our identities distinguishes us from other wank sites.
@Nattydread haujafanya poa.

I am trying to be an MCA for crying out loud!..


Amepea waweru your new address ama kamenukaje


Niaje Ka-buda? What did the ganja man do to you

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I was just loading page 2 when the thread malaysiad.

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@Ka-Buda, sasa nimefanya nini? Usivute sinyore (™) ya nairobi ile imeoshwa na petroli, uanze kuona majini.

Welcome back man

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Umama is officially back in KTalk


Sasa brethren?
Jamaa amenianika live live ikabidi nin’ngoe thread!
Haithuru nitaendelea kuwania kiti cha MCA hapa nilipo.

Ambapo niaje lakini @Meria Mata ?
You make KTalk what it should be!
Wewe hi wetu!

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Haujafanya poa!

@Ka-Buda uache uongo priss.

You should be thanking me and finally learn a lesson about fake-flossing on KTalk. Why do you think you got deported if it was not for living 15 fake lives concurrently?

@Meria Mata. Before @Ka-Buda embellishes his hekaya: what he did was to post a thread and photo ati he was at Club Legend, and as he was warming up to ‘likes’ and detailing to comers how they could identify him (@Guru was sending a buddy:cool:), I found out that the photo was taken on 1st. April and said so.


We are friends :slight_smile: please inbox what made the threat malaysia

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Explanation is above, and it is not even as big a deal as @Ka-Buda makes it seem.

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I was there when you claim i was and that is the honest truth.
But it doesn’t mean that I wasn’t there when I posted the thread!?..
I’m just trying to say that we should reserve some privacy as Talkers even if we have CSI Investigators among us.

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I see he has already started exaggerating things.

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Hi @MaryJane !

Sema kukumiss!..
I think we need to take this conversation somewhere else!
How are you?

That’s not nice sweetie!
I thought you knew me better than that!


Hakuna CSI. It is so simple and I can explain if you want me to.

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I’m very fine. Truly flattered, missed you too. Waiting to read how you found yourself in Rongai.

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Just worried that the entire time unaeza kuwa ulikuwa unatuchocha ukiwa Rongai :oops:

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Please don’t explain otherwise nobody will ever post photos here and i don’t see how that could be good for Ktalk!

I loved the big screen at Legends and between it and club one on one which is now a strip club ; enyewe Rongai has come a long way from the Rongai i knew may moons ago!