Why Kill Her



R.I.P.:(:mad:something smelling a rotten rat there. Amefanya nini mpaka she’s killed.

tred very carefully mla papa. Umeshaskia kitu kama figtim plaming?

:D:D:Dmla papa.

Nop sjaskia figtim plaming. What does it mean.

victim blaming/victim shaming is up there with “the gender pay gap” and “gender-based violence” :D:D

they say victim blaming occurs when the victim of a crime or any wrongful act is held entirely or partially at fault for the harm that befell her.

It only applies when the victim is a woman. If the victim is a man, blaming him or making fun of him is perfectly fine.

Any hint of victim shaming, no matter how unintended, leads to straight censorship, cancellation, unfollowing, withdrawal of sponsorship and even termination of employment.

Aisee mambo moto moto mengi but nimekuelewa vyema kabisa.

24, a millionaire, married. Husband’s job…
See where I am going.

Noma sana. May she RIP

pwana aliona amefanywa useless