Why Kikuyus are high IQ species

I was scrolling pale Instagram so that I can update myself with what’s going on in motherland nikaona one of the popular gossip pages wamepost that Mulamwah amepata mkidiz.

And that reminded me of something: birth tourism. Basically this involves going to countries like US, Canada, France or even Australia and giving birth there so that that child can become a citizen of that particular country. Basically all of the big shots from poor third world shitholes do it.

Haya turudi nyumbani sasa. I have seen this phenomenon most prevalent among Kikuyu artistes and celebs. Huwa wanachukua visa ya US wanasema wanaenda entertainment, tumbo ikiwa 6 or 7 months then wanaenda wanakaa kwa relatives and friends hadi wanazaa and then return to Kenya mtoto akiwa full US citizen.

Now the advantage is that, ukiwa na US citizenship, you are atleast one step ahead of a person without one. You can leverage it ikusaidie.

Finare, kama wewe ni celeb na uko hapa, zalia watoto wako majuu wapate citizenship ya majuu (Ule Senator wa Narok alizalia watoto wake wote majuu). Its the only one single most important gift you can give your child.

What of Kisiis?

Nakia wamejaa minesotta.

What of warias?

How Good is it Being in the USA? IS IT THE LAND OF HONEY AND MILK?

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Rustler family … hatunanga hii shida.


The world is changing. 40 - 50 years from today, borders will be meaningless. The rest of the world be at least be where advanced countries are today.

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Cattle thieves and all other thieves watawekwa tyre soon.

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US collapse is imminent unless something drastic will be done soon


How is this associated with high IQ? This is what most well-off South Americans have been doing to get US citizenship. West Africans organize contractual marriages to get permanent residence. Creating an exceptional product or service in a foreign country shows a high IQ. Not exploiting a legal loophole. Anyone with means can exploit the loophole.

How does that birth tourism work for the US especially?Eg if a kenya dem akuwe pregnant hapa kenya na ball amepewa na otieno also from kenya.If she travels to the US na azae huko does the child become a us citizen automatically if the parents are not us citizens?

Gui. Ni shida gani nyinyi hukuwa nayo kama zote hamna??

Yes. Anyone born in America automatically becomes a US citizen even if none of the parents are US citizens. That’s the loophole Mexicans use.

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We have already reached a conclusion that Africa would never develop in our lifetime and you might as well as exploit all legal loopholes available to you. Birth tourism, bogus asylum cases, fake marriages, fake human rights violations etc. Anything that you can get your hand on.


Your government uses tax payers money… to pay me, not to steal as much and fuck up shit for them. Technically… you the tax payer pays me not to steal from you. Nigger who’s more fucked up here. Your government (you) or me.

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The life I live here siwezi USA, here am a king USA I will be a filthy pawn according to the homosexuals.home is the best kuna maji, stima , maembe ,madem , vast lands and with money you can do anything and get away with it unlike huko unarefuge. You are a filthy economic refugee. There comes a time when each person is safe at their motherland.chunga usikufie USA kama mbwa incase of an Apartheid scenario in chaos


Even in Kenya ,I feel safer at kitui than say machakos or worse rift valley, kisii or central. Kwenu ni kwenu. Tafuta pesa Rudi Kayole kwenu kijana

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