Why Kenyans are Worried about Tanzania.(An "outsider`s Perspective")

I am 100% Kenyan and my grandpa was a Maumau member who did some seven years pale Shimo la tewa with a few well known Names back in the day.
My Loyalty and Love for Kenya is Total and Fully Committed.

Nyerere and his anti-Capitalist stand alienated the majority of the Tanzanian people from exploring their full potential as Traders,Business people etc…

Save for the Chagas who could be compared to a Tribe on our side of the border; They quickly freed themselves from the Bonds of Prejudice and Xenophobia and they actually made a good go in the then illegal trade with Kenyans.
They are still very visible in the Kenyan business front some more successful than others… But we have always respected them.

As a Kenyan living abroad for too long; i think i have worked out the recipe for how Great Nations were built after living in a few of them.
Magafuli has also got the recipe and he now has got his chance to put it into practice.

  1. Enpower the masses by making them believe in themselves and having Confidence in their potential.

  2. Make your people Believe that they are better than Everyone around them.
    In TZ`s case,Kenyans have to be portrayed as the thieves and invaders etc.
    Unlike Nyerere who planted the seed of inferiority in his peple by telling them to go visit Nairobi if they wanted to know what London was like; Magafuli is actually telling his people that they are better than Kenyans and so there is no reason that they should bow down to them either on the street or when Trade deals are being signed.

3.You can Fool some people some of the time But you can`t Fool All of the People All the Time.
4. Confidence and “brainwashing” your youth with Confidence whether true or false has succeded in any Succesful Empire/Country in civilization.

Magafuli is doing a Perfect job at this.

The only Reason why most African are still bound to Poverty is not their lack of Resources or the lack of Skilled and Educated populace.; It Is CORRUPTION and GREED.

That is why Tanzania will soon be a more attractive choice for Foreign investors.
And that is how Kenya will be the Second Biggest Economy in East Africa.

Fikirieni sana who you choose to Lead you into the Future and this thing of being automatically engaged to be Anti- Tanzanian even before you take a moment to think,it has to Stop.

Its Good for nobody.

But Niggaz Just Don`t Know!..

just one question, who says tanzanian leaders, politicians and police men/women are not CORRUPT and GREEDY

Nashukuru sana kwa ukweli

Roadside declarations won’t cut for TZ, let Mangufuli give TZ a progressive document.

Like i said; i have Never been to Tanzania and i am only going from the banter i see going on here plus my little experience growing up in Kenya in an area where there was alot of Beautiful Chaga women selling all sorts of stuff from “Material” to Jeans etc…

I stand to be Corrected and Educated.

Just because you convince a bunch of lazy ass they are empowered doesn’t imply that they are superior to others. Its like convincing yourself that your truck business is the best in Europe…Well, it definitely is; in ua head…

i also have not been to Tanzania but those who have been there (talkers can confirm/dispute this) say that especially their policeforce is extremely corrupt.
again on the issue of economic growth kenya has also had its fair share of challenges, infact more than TZ in the looting that was the moi error but still is a bigger economy because kenyans are extremely hardworking. these tanzanians are too lazy to grow their economy corruption or no corruption

They can be region superpower/giants/elephants etc if they like! we are not worried. we just hate how they hate us for the less we have yet they have everything. See, we see their resources as untapped, their policies as primitive and their average logic as witches themselves. We are always willing to invest in their backyards,but hey you are stupid to know the hate they have towards our efforts. Even if its your neighbor with such a bitch-like behavior, wont you fuck his wife and change house?

Generalising is the Furthest a Bigot is prepared to cast their Education.
Before you make your mind up; Open it! (Mhenga @Ka-Buda 2016)

what have i generalised in my comment??

TZ is one of the most superstitious countries in the world. That says a lot.

All good but on a side note there is some very stupid competition by guys here between Kenya and Tanzania. A troll in the name of @Mtanzania Magufuli came around started talking about tz now some guys here have started a very childish game… Kenya launches a road, the troll comes and talks about a road in their country then it becomes a competition we have this, we have this… Same things the troll says about tz launching a bridge, guys come around and start the whole damn competition again. People again call tanzanians lazy, he calls watu wa pwani lazy… Very simplistic and foolish games, they remind me tukiwa watoi kusema budangu anaeza piga budako… Watu wengine apa ni watu wazima lakini ile utoto wako nayo o_O

For how many Centuries has the Black American resided with the so called white Americans?
They will fuck you when they are in college just for fun and the stupid ones will even have your baby.
But so called white educated women will Never sire kids never mind marry a black or any outside their race.
That is the most important characteristic of any “Superior” race that i have seen.
Their women are precious to them but their men are free to Rough sex your women wakikuja pale Mtwapa.
Just look at the walalos,the Naijas,the Congolese etc…
Wewe ushawai ona how many Kenyan men married to the above mentioned Nationalities?

Yet our women will spread their legs for any man apart from YOU!..

I can give you a good example to Mr. pombe…Robato Mugabe. let history prove me wrong.

I don`t believe its as simple as that Kizee…
And you know me,you and @Wu-Tang we agree on many things.

Some things are engrained in our brains and we think about them everyday yet Nobody seems to want to talk about them util someone like @Mtanzania Magufuli starts offending people.

Hizi vitu we might as well address them juu enyewe kama si kitu hukuwasha;you would have just ignored the whole thread altogether.

How can you call Tanzanians Lazy?

Its us Kenyans who have been beaten into accepting that our Swahili is Inferior to TZ Swahili and so we look stupid when we speak to them and we want to copy their Accent.
etc, etc…

Number 2 so did Hitler,

this is the first non-nonsense thing you have written in a very long time.

tanzania has not had a civil war or even been ruled by a dictator, so what can explain the fact that their economy is not big other than laziness, that is a deduction not generalization.
swahili originated from interaction between bantus and arabs and so the people who lived along the kenyan coast also learnt kiswahili same way tanzanians did so. the same way kiswahili spoken at the kenyan coast is better than that spoken in the kenyan mainland (bara) even their swahili is better than that spoken in the kenyan mainland, on the contrary kenyan english is better than tanzanians by faar. those are facts

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