Why Kenya will never get to enjoy good things

Cartels. They are everywhere and the most affected is the matatu sector. A matatu hailing company Swvl came up with a genius idea and sadly, they are being fought by the NTSA, matatu cartels and the police.

Cops know Swvl ikishika hongo zimeisha. Matatu nao wanajua they will be out of business coz Swvl haitambui maneno ya route. A Swvl minibus can be be booked by passengers going to Thika and lapter to Kitengela.

NTSA thrives kwa kukulia matatu sector which is like a mad house. So disorganized. They know watakuwa njaa when the tech savvy and rule compliant Swvl takes over the transport industry.

I just wish Kenya is a country where new ideas are embraced. Wacheni muone. The corrupt judges will kick out Swvl in favor of the matatu industry.





Join Gathecha kuvuruta mbichi

This App based organized transport system started in Egypt and trying to enter other disorganized transportation systems in other African countries. What is uniquely Kenya is that we thrive in organized chaos. Orderliness does not make sense to average Kenyan and that is why we must fight it.

I hope this app takes off in a big way and buries the matatu industry kabisa never to be heard of again.
I remember when Uber first started how the taxi industry fought hard but eventually they gave up.

Nobody can stop reggae!

The chaos you see in the matatu industry is very well orchestrated. Very many people eat off these chaos. The matatu owners are the only ones who lose out. Michuki succeeded in bringing some order but the manambas, mungiki and mostly the police quickly reverted to factory settings after he died. Some years ago there was a bus company that tried to introduce a bus service. Their buses were vandalized and they had to close shop. Kenyans themselves also lack self-respect. You will see a fat womanenter a matatu that is full, she pretends to sit on that aisle where people use to access the back seats, while in reality she is sitting on people’s laps. Kenyans need some self-respect.

Lol. :D:D:D

It is true Purple. It happened to me a few days ago from Nyahururu to Nyeri. A lady was trying to place one bum on me and the other on a lady across the aisle. I hadnt used a matatu for over 10 years. I hit the roof and ranted mpaka the lady stood all the way. It made me understand why it is so easy for manambas to manhandle passengers, we behave like sheep.

Uber killed taxi coz it was cheaper and convenient. SWVL have not done their homework.

Mimi huwa siwa singei na kaa ngumu. Iko siku mmoja alipiga chini akaingia chini ya kiti. Instead of telling her sorry. Tulimpasha mbona apande gari imejaa kwani hii Sacco iko na matatu moja. Ilibidii ashuke najua next time she won’t board a full matatu.

Songea mtu akalie saucer, mnakuwanga na tumaringo twa peni mbili na mlitegea fare ishuke na mbao for 1 hour :smiley: :smiley:


what are their prices roughly if you have used it in a certain route compared to ma3

nimeona kwa hiyo app yao ati kutoka gpo hadi runda ni 200.

Sometimes it is unavoidable. Kama kwetu ocha matatu zinaisha SAA moja from Nyeri town. Ukikuta gari ya mwisho hata kama imejaa itabidi tu mkae mkiwa excess. Otherwise utalala kwa hiyo town.

Sasa niache nikaliwe?

Let it motivate you to buy your own ride

am on my 14th ride Brayo. Check my post, I said it was the first time I used a mat in 10 years

I meant it in general way, I do not know you nor your assets therefore I wasn’t implying a deficiency in your transport mode.

Rather endorsing a philosophy to use discomfort as a motivation, 14 rides is a pretty solid number kudos man