why kenya is becoming eac punching bag

Kenya is quickly loosing its position, very soon, we shall not be the the biggest economy in the region, we tend to import everything even farm products which we should be exporting but we import, each year , Kenyans cry high production costs, yet our eac partners keep rising, > the other day Uganda produced an electric bus, but Kenyans laughed it off as usual, forgetting they same country exported 18,000 smartphones to morocco. no Wonder all countries are bashing Kenya, mpaka Djibouti hawatambui Kenya, and Ethiopia has turned Kenyan planes into shooting targets
actually Uganda will soon be exporting more to Eastern Africa more than Kenya including manufactured goods. Our corrupt nature has played a big role in this, why should we import maize, sugar all the way from mexico, even rice. the policy makers seriously needs to rethink about our manufacturing costs. Each year Kenya grants tax windows to cartels to import basic stuff at the expense of the local farmers and manufacturers. we import even tumblers from Uganda, things our local manufacturers from kariobangi alone can easily meet the demand.

By blocking malaba border point with outrageous demands,Uganda is simply sending a message it doesn’t need Kenya anymore, just like the way Tz did till Kenya gave into their demands.


" | For the first time, Uganda registered USD 122 million trade surplus with Kenya, with exports worth USD 628 million to and imports worth USD 505 million. Uganda had in the previous year exported goods valued at USD 475 million and imported goods valued at USD 516 million to Kenya, registering USD 41 million in the trade deficit. "

Our biggest problem is endless politics. Kila kitu ni siasa na wizi wa public resources. It pains me alot we have elected fools.
Kenyans politicians ni kama wachawi. Hao ndio huwa hawataki watu waendelee.

kabisa, since 2005 , kenya is ever in campaign mode

Bora we are sure of being the best military in east and central Africa, tutatulia tu wajaribu ku annex hata an elephant waone moshi

Omwami sai tukienda war na Ethiopia bila kusaidiwa na allies wata annex hadi Mombasa watuachie tu west pokot pekee

with enough money ug can buy more weapons as we struggle to buy food and basic needs. Kwanza strongest military in eastern africa is ethiopia , flowed by kenya but uganda is quickly catching up, even DRC is stronger than kenya.

Kenya tops region’s military ranking - Business Daily


What do you expect when our father grabbed land and their children continue to enjoy the loot as leaders and preaching morals to us. It clearly shows stealing pay, for you to compete with them you have to steal also. No wonder drug lords are so popular in kenya and we elect them as our leaders. We failed when we elected thieves to address historical injustices.

I’m not sure if you are joking or what??

East and Central what??


Hello, mr president are you reading this!

How about we revoke Ethiopian Airlines from carrying passengers from Kenya? All those passengers can come via KQ and we can restore the pride of Africa. Also let’s side with the Egyptians regarding the Nile River rights .For the Ugandans let’s close the border just for a month and they can use TZ but at the end of the day it will cost them more .

For the Somalis ; close all refugee camps deport them to Somali , build a wall to keep them out and clamp on Somalis and their businesses in Kenya, revoke their IDs and Passports and tell them to reapply and one has to prove he is Kenyan by providing 10 references that know you from nursery school.

For the Tanzania’s close the border for a month , do not allow any Tanzania passengers to transit through JKIA including tourists . We don’t need their produce; we can produce ours at a lower cost

All these fcking countries offer nothing to Kenya if we stop being greedy . We can produce enough food for our own productions, we have light industry to produce our goods. We have enough dams that can produce Cheap electricity If we can maintain them and those make production costs low .

Our problem as Kenya is being fucking greedy. We exploit our farmers , industries all in the name of money . Why the fcuk should Mumias sugar collapse yet they could produce enough sugar? Why should we import sugar, maize when we have local industry that can produce at low cost ? We should be thinking how we can produce cheaper electricity and pass the benefits to the mwananchi but guess that is not happening . I hate to say this but Kenya needs a revolution …Wanjiku’s have been fcked up for too long.

And lastly how about freezing all those bank accounts in Kenya that hide money , revoke licenses for forex bureaus and any money transfer business . Seize those houses in Lavingtom,Kileleshwa, Runda etc, tell those Somali MPs they can’t come to Nairobi anymore and if they fight ensure that KDF is guarding that border and not to even let in a mouse.

Ile wizi iko even in top tier companies Ngai baba hues amini, weh kukindelea hivi tutakuwa tunachapwa hadi na Burundi

This is why we need to stop reggae

Perfect… it will take serious leadership to be respected.
But hii siasa yetu ni ujinga, after one election , niggers are already on campaign mode for the next…

They never notice when we are lagging behind, bora matumbo yao yamejaa

sad,but the Forces of the Marketing will dictate other wise.We export quit alot to this countries.

We do export to them but going crazy and locking borders for a week or two would make people realize we don’t take crap. And the oligarchs are the ones who export stuff not Wanjiku. Brookside, Bidco, BAT…we are getting fcked since the oligarchs want to keep on getting rich and selling us out.

Na bado mkileta maneno tunasogeza TPDF mpakani

In whichever country you are in,at the end of the day what matters is the money you make as a man.In every crisis there is a niche to be exploited. Assume formlesness and adjust with the current tides

Am saying this because I know there is no comeback for country Kenya .We have gone to the dogs.Kenyans are to blame ,not the leaders. Kenyans support mediocrity and cheap politics based on useless emotions/tribal card.The other day ,Kikuyu constituency residents were protesting for the Presiedent to be respected. They never protested on jobs,economy .That should be an eye opener.
Chapa kazi yako as a man .Make sure you pay as no/little tax as possible and enjoy your hustles hii nchi ina wenyewe.

Lol…I would love to see that …that would be the stupidest decision ever made.

Afrika mashariki hakuna jeshi bora na lenye waredi kama jeshi la Tanzania

mhakikishe nyinyi wote mtapigia William 2022, shida zote ataziondoa.