Why Kagwe Mungai Is Trending

Kagwe Mungai, Cs Mutahi Kagwe’s nephew, is the talk of the TL. He decided to drop a cringeworthy #YoMomma clapback video aimed at tweeps who’ve been dissing his music.

He still makes crap music that most Kenyans can’t relate to.

I liked this guy’s song called Creeping or something. But I perfectly understand coz I was probably 15 or 16 back then.

Who is he?

Jesus! Yaani Kagwe Mungai is an oldschool artist to you:D:D:D:D

Yenyewe nimezeeka

Huyo dem ana voice over this vid anaongea unpolished. Kenya can’t search for talent. Nkt

Kwani watoto wa family ya akina Kagwe wote ni rappers?

Aiiiii hapa umedanganya…la sivyo…wewe ni jitoto

Sijui ata

Boss we ni mtoto kuniliko hata :D:D

Creeping came out in 2015. If you were 15 in 2015 then it means you are 20. :D:D:D

Hivi ndo watu waongo hushikwa !!:D:D

Sasa nikuchemshie soda juu ya iyo story ama?? And you seem to think that being young is some sort of achievement, ati mdogo kukuliko. Why am I even arguing with you??