Why Judiciary Need to be Tamed Immediately

Judiciary has become one of the most incompetent government institution in place now. It has frustrated every project and plans of the government. The only work they know is the issuance of injunctions which is against public interest. Take a look at this cases…
They issued an injunction stopping construction of standard gauge railway over nairobi national park which is almost now 1 year and they have not issued any ruling on the same
They stopped the construction of James Gichuru Waiyaki way superhighway for almost 7 months causinng the cost to spiral
They issued an injunction stopping sacking of wilson sossion who is openly playing politics in order to derail distribution of school books because he has financial interest there
They issued an injunction stopping salaries and remuneration commission from cutting mps salary in order to lower wage bill
They issued an injunction as per matiangi stopping the disciplinary actions being undertaken against 275 officers involved in corruption in public roads
and many others I have failed to mention.
I suggest that Judicary should be given timelines in laws such as the case of determining presidential petition which is normally given 2 weeks. They should be given timelines like let say all major cases which have effect on public interest such as roads construction, hospitals, schools or even sacking under performing civil .servants should be heard and concluded in 3 months and we fund them for that. Alternatively we do referendum and we tame its powers so that we can make real progress. See how countries such as Rwanda (economic growth 8% per annual) and Ethiopia( 8% per annual) and even Tanzania (7% per annual) which are less democratic are making success in tackling corruption and economic growth because there is no politics of courts. KENYA JUDICIARY IS AN HINDRANCE TO ECONOMIC GROWTH AND CORRUPTION FIGHT AND SHOULD BE TAMED IMMEDIATELY FOR COUNTRY TO PROSPER

I agree on timelines especially where it involves public interest as is in the examples you’ve mentioned.

this country needs a strong man,kama edorgan waturkey

Fuvk odunga

Naskianga wakisema: democracy is the most expensive system of governance. A system facilitating d*ck measuring contests between the government, opposition and the evil society.

Timelines I support

@Guru, kiprono amekufwata huku.

fuck maraga!

Totally and completely agree. Mwafrika ni kama ana gene ya ukumanina; badala ya jaji kutumia mamlaka yake vilivyo ni kuja ku-annul presidential vote and giving very very expensive injunctions ex parte.

Yaani you are building an office block your neiba anakimbia kortini bila hata kukujulisha anapata injunction that you stop constructing. Fairness demands that he deposits the amount you are likely to lose if construction stops. Same for gavament. So if you stop the SGR, you must have at least a few billions to cover the loss to the public.

I is imperative that the current Parliament and Executive revisits the Judiciary. If Uhuru - in his characteristic nonchalant approach - allows this shit to continue Kenya is ferked.

PS: And the same Judiciary sees it fit to award even small-time criminals hefty ‘compensation’. That gal who was carrying bhangi - why didn’t they jail her first?

Calm my friend… His policies affect you but yours dont.
Sad for you

Dick measuring contest in search of power and control of resources. In other words the judges are saying, if executive want to move smoothly they should integrate them somehow in the eating.

Tuko na shida, I totally agree with your resentments

And the my friends is why Ethiopia is coming of age while we still bickering hapa back and forth