Tunajua JSKS would have lost in a fair competition but he is a sneaky fellow…but why he will lose whatever what, is him trying to start a class war…hapo ndio he messed up big time…"THEY" (not Kenya’s deep state) will never allow anyone with this thinking to come to power anywhere in this World





Hii ni nini jameni?


Unless Raila can perform a miracle, Ruto is taking this one.

Kenyans are extremely petty, that’s all.

Btw what does Mudavadi really stand for? Same Whatsapp group as kalonzo, align with the highest bidder

Raila Ojinga will never be president

Ruto will win this election for 3 main reasons :

  1. Don’t be fooled into thinking he doesn’t have insiders in every arm of government that is responsible for handing over power.

  2. No matter which propaganda you have, UDA has majority votes nation wide, rigging him out will be impossible. (Never under estimate the power of a sober, smart, thieving crook) He is smarter than all those drunkards put together.

  3. The Odinga hype came to an end officially in 2018 (post handshake). There all Kenyans, I included saw that old Bondo bound man only cares about himself & not the rest of us. Believe me, he has lost more than 30% of his original voter base.
    Martha has hardly any impact in Mt. Kenya

As uncertain as it seems, prepare for a Dr. William Ruto Presidency.
In as dangerous as that seems, its almost inevitable now.

Lets just pray for our country. Or else we are totally fucked.