Why its OKAY to attack Mama Ngina Directly.

When Jomo Kenyatta died in 1978, there was NO land registered in his name.

Most of the land was registered in mama Ngina’s name MAKING HER AN ACCOMPLICE in Jomo’s land grabbing crimes against KENYA.

There should be nationally coordinated persistent attacks on Mama Ngina because the crimes she is an accomplice to continue to hurt millions of kenyans in the form of landlessness, low home ownership numbers, high rents etc.

Jomo Kenyatta did not want the thousands of acres of land he grabbed all registered in his name because he was stealing peoples land
and he knew at some point people will come after him for the land.

E.g in her mid 20’s Beth Mugo got 50,000 acres of Taita peoples ancestral land by simply having her name written on a title. She paid nothing for it.

The resault is that since 1963, all the Taita peoples ancestral land mineral weath has gone to https://bethinternational.com/ and a few other foreign owned mining companies.

Word.Those people are worse than @satan

I was avoiding watching that video coz nimeshoka na siasa za bonobos. But jana ilibidi niiwatch na I was surprised. Watu walikuwa wanazusha vile mama ngina ametukanwa but nilingoja kuskia matusi nikachoka. Unless I watched an edited version.

Rink ya hiyo video,na urudishe ile avatar sisi tumezoea




the talkers who claim here that people from the mountain are tired with the family, which people are you talking about?

it will remain that when the Tribal king says jump, we say how high. doesn’t matter if we are naked and hungry. we jump

Those are not more than 20 persons.

there are other videos later which showed the crowd increases.

there is one where a woman says Sudi is lucky he’s not near as they would use the nearby trees and sticks to discipline him.

Kenya ni ya Mama Ngina, ata sahii akitaka tuhame Kenya anaiuzia to Mchina na deal inaisha ivo.

Believe me not more that 100K has been used to mobilize those.With the two loud mouths taking 3/4 of the money.

Mkikuyu awache thaara yake aka demonstrate…but on a serious note hawa watu wa ocha ndio kizungumkuti…they are part of the problem that ails this nation

ata ciku ya kupiga kura, watapewa mia tano am mia mbili na kila mtu ataenda kupiga kura.

and it’s a Kenyan thing, not just Mkikuyu.

we need to find a way to educate and free the mindset of watu wa “ocha”

Kila saa tunaambiwa vile Central wamekasirika na Uhunye…na ni nani hao tunaona kwa barabara…there has to be a way of taming those few …ata wakipewa pesa wakule but vote accordingly…once we overcome that problem tutakuwa imara.
50 bob inafanya watu wa reboot back to default settings

Hawa ndio wale walikuwa wanatoa mashosho kwa kitanda waende wapige kura! And mark my words, this will be replicated in 2022.

Like said hapo juu, hii kukasirika ya wakikuyu towards Uhuru ni moto ya makaratasi! You are all pawns and will all be asked to jump na mtaruka vilivyo

Every village has its layabouts and hired hands , but I’ll just ask you to think just for a few seconds…since 2017, when did you last see uhuru at a public function in centro?

I’d like you to name one, just one function and don’t include funerals and weddings, those are private functions even his beloved BBI was taken to Meru in eastern.
All he’s public functions have been cancelled due to fear of open rebellion and public humiliation… tafakari hayo

Hawa ni wale wakulipwa, ground still wsr locked

Bear in mind this narrative of we shall be asked to jump and we jump is being peddled by folk WHO DO NOT VOTE…
Uhuru haendi Cendro until he grows some balls of steel to take on those Wamama…

I think it is within our right to call out Mama Ngina…

i hope you guys are right.
coz vile wamelipwa hapa ndio watu watalipwa time ya election na kura itapigwa kama kawaida

Wamama kama hawa ni akili hawana ama ni kurogwa walirogwa?? ni nini huwa kinawasubua?

pesa ni mzuri.

its all about the money

TBH honest if a campaigner throws free money at me…I will take it. Why not? I will dance to ‘get jiggy with it’ and go on my merry way.

However, what I do at the debe is all in my heart. Civic education is what our folk need. To be able to discern.