Why is Xi Jinping being so brutal to his friend Biden yet Biden has just given him a whole country?



Meawhile the the republican person who sent stupid americans to their deaths…

they chinkos said that the withdrawal of amrika troops from ghanistan was much faster than the handover from trump to piden.:D:D:D


the problem with buttco is that yeye husahau kama sloth… what did you expect the next admin to restart the war?


Na si basi mjenge border wall na mseme its a comtinuation of the old admin’s work

These things would never happen under President Trump. Trump alikuwa anajua hio ni upus kutoa jeshi fwaaaa. In 2015 evem before he became president, he said he would pull the military out of Afghanistan but he never pulled them out like this idiot Biden.

Sasa ngoja uone vita pale Venezuela next. And then blame it on Trump.

:D:D:D:Dman you are just as dumb as donald trump… why make a deal with the taliban then?

The US govt has been criticised. Those in power, and their sympathizers, endeni defend or explain the govt actions and inactions. Now is not the time for partisan domestic politics. You have been in power for almost a year for haeavens sake!

  1. The president does not know what is going on, what allies are saying. He dreams and imagines, while allies grumble and backbite him.

  2. Secretary of state has to grovel, beg and plead with Taliban to allow safe passage of Americans to the airport.

  3. Secretary of defence is toungetied before the president.

Nilisema euphoria ya elections ziliisha and will never return ever. They thought governance is removing trump, flying lgbtq flags, eating ice cream, chanting black lives matter and ocassionally hiding the misdeeds of hunter.

Hakuna cha trump this or trump that almost one year after the election.

Ngoja uskie wakisema huyo Austin anaingiliwa because he is BLACK and a minority in govt.

Very soon. Saa hii tu.

Msito Xi anakuanga na makasiriko kama venye @Half_Human anakuanga na makasiriko na wakikuyu