why is this an issue in Kenya - How Can You Suffer From Low Economic Development

Acha niulize tu hii swali. Do people in Kenya understand how economic development works. IN what Eutopia on earth is economic development evenly distributed.

How do people not understand how economic activity works? I blame Moi for watering down our education system to keep people down. Siku hizi kitu ya maana mtu amefika hadi university ni kusolve quadratic equations na hizo hesabu zingine za letters. We are putting people out there in the world who have no idea how the world works.

These are the same people wanasomea university Nairobi, wakirudi nyumbani wanasema pia wao wanataka kijiji yao ikuwa kama Nairobi. You leaves the kenya education system after almost 20 years being more incapable than you came in. if Baringo was really being marginalized, that owuld not have been allowed to go on since MOi himselefu comes from the county.

There was a time he was spending Kenya’s entire budget in the are to build roads that residents would proceed to use for drying cereals and cows would use it as a good sunbathing spot. Kama huko hakuwahi develop hiyo wakati and the man keeps talking of suffering from low economic development, that is ridiculous. How is that a statement someone can speak confidently? And when has a mineral ever transformed the economy of a region ever??

[SIZE=7]Chinese firm to begin diatomite mining in Kenya in January 2020[/SIZE]
Source: Xinhua| 2019-11-27 22:13:14|Editor: mingmei

BARINGO, Kenya, Nov.27 (Xinhua) – Chinese mining firm Chuanshan International Mining Company, will begin mining of diatomite in January 2020 in northwest Kenya’s Baringo county, a government official said.

John Morangi Omenge, Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining told journalists in Baringo that the Chinese firm has been conducting exploration activities in the region for more than two years to confirm the size of the mineral deposits.

The environmental-friendly diatomite which is a white sedimentary rock is a key ingredient in the manufacture of beverage, paints and medical products.
The government official said that the mining operation is expected to have a huge positive impact on Baringo county.

“The mining project will help to boost the local industrial sector by providing a key raw material for the manufacturing sector,” he said, “By introducing mining we are looking to diversify the local community’s source of income which is largely based on livestock.”

Omenge said the diatomite is also part of the minerals for peace project that aims to use mining activities to reduce inter-community conflict fueled by fights over scarce resources such as water and pasture.

According to Han Ke, the general manager and a board member of Chuanshan International, it is estimated that the mining project will create 1,500 job opportunities.
Wu Zhiqiang, chief economist of the Shandong Land and Mining Co. Ltd that owns Chuanshan mining company, said his company plans to process the diatomite in Baringo county in order to spur industrial development in the region.

“A factory to produce finished products will also be constructed in order to provide economic opportunities and change the socio-economic landscape of the area,” he added.

Stanley Kiptis, governor of Baringo county noted that his administration will offer all the necessary support to ensure that the mining operations are conducted successfully.

He noted that the [SIZE=7]Baringo county has suffered from low economic development[/SIZE] and so the diatomite mining operations will help to transform the region into an industrial area with numerous job opportunities for the locals.

Our education system was watered down by the British. Kenyans of all ages cannot reason because we were never taught critical thinking
The money stolen by Moi barely reached Baringo it was mostly in the cities

Then why dont you change your education system? Im tired of africans behaving like children in adult bodies. No one is stoping kenyans from changing their education system… And then we go around wondering why other people dont respect us… We dont even have respect for ourselves to develope our education systems.

Yes were are responsible for changing our education system but they should also carry the blame for our current situation

No, they shouldn’t carry any blame… Look at Singapore, also colonised by U.K and has today the best education in the world because of how they developed it. We in Africa dont know how to develope our institutions too… How can university teachers be black mailing students for grades? These are low IQ issues that only happens in Africa. In the west and other developed world they put in institutions to prevent this, like the lecture teacher is not the one who grades the material and is just a lecture teacher and nothing more. Makes me angry thinking about this.

We can still blame the UK for doing what they did to the people of Singapore even if Singapore is developed same way the Germans are blamed for what they did to the Jews

i feel like we shouldn’t be stuck blaming europeans for what they did or didn’t do … we shld rise and join the likes of singapore , licking wounds ni bure

The singaporeans aren’t thinking about U.K, they are busy making their country great instead and that is what you should do. Africa was weak, thats is why we were colonised, so why dont we instead use this time to build ourselves and make sure to never get colonized again?

We have the responsibiility of developing ourselves but we should never forget what happened to us like the way we have and are calling the colonisers allies
And African never attained independence so we have a long way to go before we change things

No said that we should forget? We should remember, and then build ourselves to make sure it does never happen again instead of just crying victims.