Why is Tanzania so fond of entering dick measuring contests with Kenya?

Like why is Tanzania so aggressive against Kenya and its people in general. Mara burning day old chicks, impounding cattle from Kenyan herders who probably accidentally crossed the border to chasing away top Kenyan teachers from their country. I don’t really remember an incident where we played hard ball with Magafulian’s.

Sasa nauliza wazito shida yao ni nini? I am sure if the Kenyan government really wanted it they could induce a slight economic crisis in Tanzania.

because they have a small deek…
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Ulikuwa huko juzi, uliwauliza wakakwambia vipi?

huyu alikuwa ameenda kutombana huko tu, sasa vile ashatoka huko ndo yuakumbuka alikuwa na swali

But ata sisi wenyewe we are burning each other’s lorries

Because kenia is mature enuff not loose her cool.

Machungu ya kunyimwa :D. Now he wants to start economic warfare .

Jambo, Sir!
Actually, siku hizi wako almost self reliant, and they get from further out that which they don’t produce. They used to rely on Kenya for practically everything, including toothpicks and matchboxes. Now they have factories of their own, but almost all of them are in Dar es Salaam. They are even aggressively exporting their commodities here in Kenya. You have Azam range of products as the best example!

But there are a section of the populace that’s not amused by the antics of that government. Traders in Arusha are particularly incensed. There are some who think the government is trying to suppress the economical development of that region. Arusha and the larger Kilimanjaro region would prefer to get their supplies from Nairobi which is over 8 hours, not to exaggerate here, nearer than Dar es Salaam for obvious reasons.

is wakanda your home?

Jameni ilikuwa tu swali:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Atleast hawakuinyorea:D:D:D:D

They’re that way against all East African countries. Rwandans and Ugandans complain too

Spot on, i reside in Oloitoktok and i can attest to that, actually if u head past Ltk towards Illasit u’ll notice that alot of casuals are WaChagga from Tz,… they have intermarried with kenyans and are very comfortable here.
Arusha actually does alot of trade with kenya because of proximity to the border.

hii swali ya UMAMA management imesema uwache kuuliza kila mahali , unaskia NVumbwa

When you are an older brother, your younger brother uses you as a measure of how they have grown, wanajipima Na wewe. If they are not at the height/ whatever standard of measurement they are using with you. They throw childish tantrums.

Ni wengi sana, hata wengine wanauza groceries kwa vibanda hapa tu Nairobi.

mkale mijinga naona umemulikwa sanaa na hio biashara yako ya wizi ya kukataa miti

are you a wakanda?

Unajua juzi tumekuwa Na running battles Na Hawa wagisu wenyu walioandikwa kazi ya kuchoma makaa. Kujaribu kutoa mtu nyama Kwa mdomo ni kibarua. Na kwani kwenyu mbale hakunaga kazi mnakuja kujaa Kenya?

The other day they arrested a group of Kenyan vloggers for flying a drone in Dar, and jailed them for three days. They couldn’t leave the country, for a couple of weeks, because they were under investigations for espionage. Wametuzoea vibaya sana.