Why is Ojinga paid pension

Only in ubonobo do you get paid pension na hujaretire…254 wastes all tax payer money…

Facts: Mbirrionaire elders here had more mulla than treasury after handover :D:D@ 96 mirrions of KES

siwes lipa ushuru na Ojinga anaghula pension for over one decade na bado anasumbua :D:D…

If Ojinga does not refund the exchequer…hakuna haja ya kulipa ushuru…ni uwizi

He was the second hon right prime minister , Kenyatta hayati was the first one .even if you hate the man respect the office he occupied during nusu superloaf government

Was it in the constitution? He served for how long?

It was an office created by the National Accord & Reconciliation Act, 2008. Abolished in 2013.

Where does the OP get the impression that analipwa pension?

Wasn’t that one of the inducements offered to nudge him to quit politics that backfired badly back at the start of the UhuRuto error?

I could be wrong.


Ulitaka ulipwe hio pension ama?

:D:D:D:D:D:D maliza hio ghaseeer

Shida yako kubwa ni kwamba you are stupid.

Ojinga Indiots…tupeni mawe…:D:D

254 wastes a lot of money…utakuta Ojinga aki croak his jnr will continue earning pension ya maiti…

If everybody who worked in gova for 4 years gets a pension for life like Ojinga…treasury will be more empty :frowning:

Wacha Baba akule hiyo pesa juu alipigania Ûhuru

Mchawi apewe haki yake

Huyo mzee tunamlipa hio pension juu ya Ile tear gas alimumunya fighting for second liberation.