Why is mighty Russia begging for talks


I am no expert to matters Eastern europe but i have this feeling that Putin is not done yet.

Mbona kuna propaganda mingi ya westeners while msito Putin ako practical kwa ground.They are trying to claim false victory when losing is the only inevitable choice.


Its day 4 folks , by next week people would be tired of western propaganda and manufactured outrage

Kwani how hard is he getting dunked on?

Russian soldiers are defying Putin. He lied to them that they were going to Ukraine to “deNazify,” kufika huko they’re told to kill civilians. Russians and Ukrainians have intermarried, they have shared history. I saw a clip of Russian troops surrendering to Ukrainian troops. They don’t want to be in a position of killing their own family members because of a megalomaniac’s territorial ambitions.


It’s going to be over. Ukrainian president is negotiating with Russians at this point. Checkmate!!


It’s one thing putting his nuclear deterrence force on high alert; it’s a all different thing pushing that “red button”.


I also saw this. The soldiers walikuwa wanalalamika eti they can’t shoot people with blue eyes and blonde hair just like them.

Ukrainian propaganda from it’s ambassador. Kiev ndiyo chai yao

fake news achia CNN

Change your source of news.

Kwani wewe ni bibi ya Shaq?


Mistakes and false signals can be deadly when the level of alertness is critical.

Releasing a nuclear warhead can never be considered a mistake. That’s not a one man call. It takes alot of deliberation and consideration before such an order comes.