Why is male sexuality Predatory in nature


Aaahhhh @TrumanCapote sasa tusipokuwa predator ama fisi tutaishi aje

Both sexes practice different predatory strategies. A male predator is more of a pursuit predator, using force and will while a female predator is an ambush predator, using lures like feminine charm, attraction and social wiles.

It’s just who men are. We wouldn’t be men if we didn’t pursue women. But I’m using “predatory” in a mild, cultural sense, that of active hunting, as opposed to the passive manner of women, who prefer to be pursued and “caught”, and not as in the deadly game of raw survival we see in the wild.

You’ve just rightfully attributed it to nature

Its not the pursuit I’m on about rather the attraction to the vulnerable. Like fisi or vulture.

Psychologists may call it ego, a certain pride and almost animal instinct to dominate which is strong in men. As for being attracted to vulnerability, I doubt it’s a universal trait. I think there is a certain kind of man–the weak and diffident kind–that gloats over taking advantage of vulnerable women, and doesn’t deny himself easy pickings, and then there is another type that wants to go after women who are challenging and hard to get. This is the type that never gives up pursuing an elusive woman. I believe your predatory sexuality refers to the former.

It’s a mad race for genetic propagation

I think religion plays a part in the violence against women. Look at Christianity, with God being a man and Eve, Jezebel, and women in the bible occupying the roles of anti-heroes or subhuman subordinates. This is being reflected in society.
Pre-colonial era African traditions had women and their honor, linked with their clan reputation and any violence against one meant a very brutal clan retribution or war. Women were rarely raped or brutalized. We need to bring back the good aspects of Africanism back into our life.

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