Why is land sold ?

At times I sit n think why claim that piece of land is yours …in the next 200 yrs someone else will be claiming it’s his… In the first place who was the original owner ,? N who did he buy it from ?

When all human beings become extinct from the face of the world, such nonsense as land ownership and capitalism will be finally solved. Pray for that day to come soon

Your train of thought is very shallow my friend.

In some countries hakuna private ownership of land. The government own the land and leases to the people for 70-120 years. In those countries hakuna Land inheritance.

I believe China functions like this.

Landownership is a concept of capitalism but specifically also one of classism. As almost a consistent input of production for food and other industries, ownership of land ensures whoever has the most is king. It has been ongoing for generations- re: serfdom.

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