Why is Kenyan food boring?

Labda jamaa alicheza na ile beef flavored spice…sasa taste buds zako zina pick nyama but hakuna nyama aisee

Kama ni Nyama ni tumbukiza na kuweka pilipili na salt tosha

My grandmas sukuma wiki tasted better though it was boiled na cream. Ugali nayo ilikua inaundwa design fulani tamu sana. You could even eat ugali with tea.

We Lost the art of cooking somewhere.

Hussle while eating poop? Cooking has to be done right.

Kenyan food is very boring and bland. Whenever I meet foreigners who are curious to know more about kenyan food, ostensibly the ugali issue comes up. This appears to be a kenyan problem not a deficiency in black culture because for instance, the Caribbean blacks have a thriving foodie culture. I remember sometime back when my Caribbean-Jamaican friends were waxing lyrical about the greatness of African culture but when I was suddenly asked to describe kenyan food, I drew a blank. I think I must have mumbled “ugali” and “nyamachoma” but the whole conversation felt so strained it was embarrassing. I don’t think we impress anyone with our food. How come? Every other country has something special and unique. For us, everything we have that is mildly interesting was borrowed from Arabs and Asians.

I hear you but let’s be serious. There’s no art in cooking creamed spinach and mush.


Cabbage with soop plus waru

Coast dishes huwa tamu kupindukia, spices hadi kwenye mahamri ,chapati na chai.

Homosexual @Jimit and his whore mother who exchanges sex for fish at lake bictoria shores feed on insects (omena ) and ugali daily like Christians daily bread .

Charcoal grilled goat + ugali + kachumbari with chilli kwa umbali + katusker baridi.

Huko yues hakuna hizi vitu bwana mzungu ni propane grilled ground processed beef.

Middle class problems.

Githeri ya chumvi ni tamu saidi

Sawa chokora kwanza ukiokota kwa pipa.

Old monkey niwache

Kenyans have the most basic tasteless food in the whole world zero variety, hata a simple thing like chai ni very basic.

Tru. It is wrong to say that Kenyans can’t cook. It is Kikuyus mainly…that have poor culinary skills. Boiro boiro boiro, thufu mingi, warus and cabbage…

Sio shida yetu your food is boring

Kenya had some serious food until the briton appeared telling a kenyan he cannot eat sweet potatoes, uji, bananas, pumpkins and chicken soup all in one sitting for Breakfast, he barked, “cut it out you negro, tea and 2 slices of bread are enough for you”

British have a barrage of meals, eating different meats from birds, to wild game, thousands of cuisines from pies to sijui tarts. Ata meat pies are from Britons.
They also rely on Indian food. Everywhere in the UK utapata Indian curry.

But they are not the blame for our bland tastes.
Nigerians ,Ghanaians -and Ethiopians have hundreds of food items they claim as their own. And they ( former) were colonized by British.

Sisi ni supu na ugali.

Wewe ni wale wa huko yues kila kitu. Ukienda steakhouse uko, utasahau hiyo tusker yako. Ama their Cajun food. Texmex. Try cheesesteak from Philly and Detroit pizza. One time nilikula mbuzi ya waIraqi uko, I have never tasted such a flavored goat in my life.