Why is Kenyan food boring?

Akuna spices, akuna seasoning wala flavor, most Kenyan dishes don’t go beyond the necessary basics. Is it a symptom of colonialism as British people are known for having plain tasting food?

Which community?

Boil and let it boil is our motto.Fry with onions and tomatoes then add salt as seasoning. Then serve it hot… boring shit…
West Africa have the best food- Ghana, Gambia and Senegal.One meal can be cooked for 5 hours with lots of seasoning. Compare their jollof rice with our pilau… its day and night.

chakula ya jirani huwa tamu.

Lakini nani amekuzuia kuweka spices kwa food yako.

Galgalo remove the log in your eye first


Uko na referral ndugu?

I can’t cook. So my only option is restaurants hence the complaint.

Onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, capsicum, coriander, tumeric. Basic minimum ingredients in any stew or meat, bila hizi hiyo food hukuwa boring

I never take my food without cinnamon and black pepper… Unless am eating outside

That colored rice called jollof has nothing on our pilau. That is just one! Two, overcooking food and using 2000 maggie cubes with 10 different meats and 54 different peppers in the same pot is not food. That is sorcery! Three, cooking food and pouring raw palm oil on it before eating is what predisposes the Komla Dumors of Ghana to higher rates of heart problems… Ugali must be firm! As a Luhya, this should not be explained to you!

Seconded. That mix that Nigerians make ends up being an assault on the senses.

Cinnamon inaendanisha na nyama?

Sugoi Pasta ?

Galgalo ni Wariah au Orma? With banana on top ni ya the former.

Uwache uzembe kijana na you expect too much from Mama Wambui’s kibanda.

A proper restaurant unaweza pata a spicy aged tortoise ile @ChefGio hupika

Pika chakula yako. I enjoy boiled food. I have no time cooking a meal for hours

For someone to say that unfortunately your mother and wife hawajui kupika. Tembea ukule Kwa kijana

Sometime back I ate pilau at my friend’s place.

Sema kutafuta nyama. Taste buds inaku-show iko nyama lakini wapi.

Immediately after kumaliza nikaingia WRC kwa loo.

Why do we always boast about nyama choma to our visitors to Kenya. Hakuna pahali hakuna grilled meat. Infact jungus do alot of grilling during summer time.

Who has 5hrs to cook one meal elder? Quick fix ndio poa. The extra time unaenda ku hussle