Why is Kenya more famous than most African countries ..

Tunajulikana buana .
Nani anajua Togo ama Tanzania

Marathon put us in the world map, corruption and poor choice of leaders kept us there!
But negative aside,Kenyans are survivors, skills wise east Africa tuko mbele, we easily adapt to any environment

Mufasa the lion
Wildebeest and Maasai Mara.

corruption is top notch aanza na mama ngina

mnakuwanga mumemulikwa na international press mbaya

Queen Elizabeth Became Queen in Kenya - Her First Title was Queen of Kenya
Marathon Championships

First Black President of United States Superpower of the World is From Kenya

Nobel Laurite Wangari Mathai

Head Quarters of UNEP

Lion King - Hakuna Matatas

Out of Africa - Famous Movie

Black Marine - Famous International Brothel of the 80s

Larry Madomo Blasting Us Constantly on CNN

Tomb Raider - Famous Movie Shot in Kenya

The Air Up There - Famous Movie Short in Kenya

lion king ,Maasais and Kipchoge

Your coffee and tea.

Hardworking and resilient people.
Utamaduni wa Kimaasai.
Pokot and Samburu cattle rustlers.
Kalenjin racers

First time I’ve seen the Chief say something positive about his fellow africans. I see my Bantu Supremacist ways are rubbing off as planned

All is not lost

It is because they are based in our peaceful country.

Ata Obama alichangia

Msijidanganye, mkiendelea na siasa duni Ghana will leave you in the dust

Jehova Wanyonyi

Kenya is a Colonial outpost to date.

Pia lion king iliturusha kwa map

wacha niongezee… thomas cook travel agency kabla iaguke ilileta wazungu wengi sana hapa kenya.
alafu wakaambiana word of mouth

Okay, no tribalism so that’s good

The two Luos have played a role in that.