Why is JSKS so sure of winning the election?

Am just wondering why he is so confident and probably out of touch with mambo kwa ground which indicate otherwise;

  • He ignored the wishes of the people and chose Gashagua as DP thereby losing a huge chunk of Mt Kenya vote. Example: Wife alikuwa UDA damu but after that blunder alidefect immediately…So Did many other people known to me.
  • He assumed the Rift is his 100% and therefore no need campaign. See: @Murkomeno chased away like burukenge the other day by his own people in his backyard. Kwa ground ni different. Also I was in Londiani the other day (a place called Mtaragon) and my host told me that kikuyus in that area have started fleeing to Central chini ya maji. Those fleeing wont vote.
  • In Ukambani, Mr Kiamba(Muthama) cannot even afford to put JSKS photo on his campaign posters. It’s that bad.
  • In Nairobi…The less said the better.
  • In Nyanza: He is not even trying to campaign there yet his competitor is traversing his political bedrooms with ease.
  • Coast…

I ask? Base ya JSKS ni gani?

Na usiseme ni vijana under 30 juu statistics show that they are 39% of the registered voters.

Anyway tupatane kwa debe Wadau.

When the NIS tells you openly they are supporting candidate A, know they are with candidate B behind the scenes.

Naona umeamua kujoin propaganda gang, saying the exact things watu wa JSKS used to say.

Already ameiba kura that is why he is very sure. Mwizi tu ndo ukuwa sure

Numbers don’t lie…it’s that simple.

Its part of being a politician. You must exude confidence. Any sign of weakness and your support base evaporates.

the man also believes Mt. Kenya is under his thumb. the kaWanjiku victory in Kiambaa, which is the President backyard made Ruto feel invincible . na hapo ndio Kashagua took credit that he can deliver .

:D:D:D @Electronics4u si ulisema hii uchaguzi is done and dusted, Deep state will handle over power to babuon? Why fear?

No fear. But am just wondering where the confidence is coming from despite constant fire fighting.
Is it arrogance or
Is it ignorance?

Never underestimate that thug. Recently baba amekuwa akicampaign ruthlessly, maybe kuna kitu wamegundua

Weka final poll hapa ndo mtajua nyinyi ni wachache lakini kelele ndo mingi.

This article has all your answers. They plan to smuggle marked ballots via ugandaa.


Mdau weka poll.

Maybe he’s legitimizing any move he might make in the event that he loses.

Nyeri and Mt Kenya have spoken.







Wacha uoga na mdomo mingi wekeni poll pale juu.

Kwa ground ni Azimio kenya mzima.


My thoughts exactly

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ATI ulikua wapi ukaambiwa nini:D, acha kujidanganya bana