Why is government allowing all preachers who we don't know into the country

Recently many pastors from abroad are landing in Kenya. The most recent coming this month is T. B Joshua’s wife who is asking people to register their illness in KICC before she lands for a crusade in Kasarani. This woman is a spouse to a man who we don’t know where he was getting his powers. Too many people are taking advantage of the lack of leadership and security to invade Kenya. It’s only later when things go haywire that government rushes to cover up like in Shakahola and World coin. Where is the so called NCCK who can’t even speak against LGBT any more after eating money from America. We need God to overturn this country. Tumekua dumping site for everything from triple leaded petrol to religious leaders with questionable backgrounds.


I only burn incense to heaven, earth, ancestors, parents and benefactors. Black people worship people’s wife’s, possessed individual’s and foreign charlatans.

Black people head hit by a donkey, no brain.


Kinothia wacha usenge

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Nitawaambia mara ngapi that Roman Christianity is a scam? Saa hii Catholics and Anglicans are already down with homosexual marriage in the name of tolerance and “love”. No surprises though, where the mother of harlots (Rome) leads, her daughters (Protestants) follow.

To make matters worse, Benny Hinn is ready to come and reap big from our battered economy courtesy of the first lady. SCAM!!


They should be prevented from coming on what grounds? Which arm of government should be vetting preachers who want to come or are invited? And how will the vetting be done? Interview? Or they send CVs?
Some things people ask government to do are beyond its capacity

Kenya has been used as a dumping ground for all kinds of foreign people and their commodities and now it’s becoming a dumping ground for all manner of wicked spirits.


How Rwanda is doing it. Kama mtu hajaenda theology school no church permit

Will be unconstitutional. Unlike Rwanda we have freedom of association and freedom of worship

Why should people register their names, illness and devices? Even Owuor doesn’t do that. This registration is suspect. Let’s not forget that Magu who killed his whole family went to this synagogue of Satan 20 plus time before doing the worst. Government should vet and NCCK too since they said they will take a regulatory on behalf of the government. This country is now getting alot of people of questionable background starting with Akothees Alquada husband

On this I agree with you. TBJ was as suspect as they come. He was a man who nobody knows who mentored him, when he received salvation, who pastored him etc he just rose from nowhere to become a top preacher performing miracles.

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You may not like what someone is doing but that doesn’t make it illegal. Or what law has been violated here?

Your head hit by a donkey, brain fall out. Health and medical condition of a citizen is sacred, only a medicalprofessional can get such record after oath and licencing.