Why is goat meat more expensive than beef?

Goat meat is rarely found in most butcheries and tends to be more expensive than beef. Why is it so?

How much profit margin can one get in selling goat meat?

Mbuzi are fewer than cows

Unique aroma na taste ya roasted fatty goat rib ile hubrowse vichakani huwa tamu mno.
Achana na hizi zero grazed hula nappier, hay na silage kama ng’ombe na kondoo.

About returns, it depends on many factors i.e the source you buy your goats( hardship areas au kwa ranch ya billionaire), live vs carcass weight( breed), your target market( Nairobi au kamukuywa), purchasing power in your region, e.t.c.

Same reason why fish costs more per kg than chicken. Availability + it’s more of a delicacy.

Umefanya nitamani goat meat.

Basic Economic Principle:

Demand and Supply dictate Price.

Once you taste real good goat meat you arent going to beef anytime soon

Beef anytime. The goats have a funny smell especially Thenge that i cant stand

wewe ni mumama

Roasted goat is da bomb

You should get an expert to slaughter and roast your goat. If not, kuna kaarufu kata haribu sherehe.

beef any time any day

Aje tena na mbuzi inaweza toa triplets na kuzaa twice a year (im guessing…never had an interest in goats) versus ngombe 1 ndama per annum (3 years ago nina ngombe ilizaa 1st january na 31st of the same year…blessing kabisa) na tena hio ndama inaweza dedi?

Kwani unaikula kama iko alive bila kuchinjwa.

Wash your meat before marinating for roasting, I always do–to get rid of blood on the surface, and any possible contamination from surfaces during slaughter and subsequent handling. Many people can’t enjoy meat because they roast it unwashed, trusting the fire will kill any germs. True, but washing removes the unpleasant smell

Are you talking goat meat or meat generally?..coz as far as im concerned i wouldnt eat ANY KIND of meat with a malodour.

I meant all meat, hata kuku. Ukiosha unachoma nyama safi sana. There are many people who never bother to wash meat before roasting it