Why is dating hard for men over 30. especially whenyou dont have money

Finally umeshow up, ulikuwa umewekewo pilau kwa pilsner na mayai?


Uliza nyanya yako

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1 st date si unaitisha maji with lemon unajijaza electrolytes, then unaitishia madam some fresh juice, then unaanza kupiga story. If she’s a fun person bill inaweza panda.

Shida wengine wenu inakaa pesa ilikuwa mzuri sana, so you always default to throwing money. I can tell you kuna time i’ve gone on several dates na 500 juu chini, tough times ilikuwa uchungu but mutual interest and attraction haina formula.

Kijiji walisema hapa , unless you have acceptance like those Arabs, don’t be in a transactional relationship ujidanganye huyo ni bibi wako, kitakuramba vibaya sana.


I saw a tweet saying if men stopped buying love 99.999% of relationships would end

Kulikuwa na thread apa juzi women confessing how they are in it for the lifestyle but sexually hawako interested

Add the famous quote “filisika ndio utajua bibi yako vizuri”


Very true

I need a new oscilloscope as am receiving customers who require repairs on their digital musical instruments, that costs around 180k nikiwa na manzi I cant save a dime good to say am 80% there to my target as a bachelor. Repairing musical instruments is very technical and you can net 5k for a repair taking 1hour- 2hours, I will also be building my own amps to sell. easily an extra 50k monthly.


Enyewe wewe ni fundi mnoma …when you open shop choose a strategic location kama juja mahali students wako …the music systems will be flying off the shelves

Kumbe fundi mnakula mzuri!!! Do you repair laptop also?!!

I own 2 kibanda’s

  1. Sells electronics and spare parts , computers, laptops, TV’s and accessories.
  2. Electronics repair shop near a major uni - fixing laptops, computers , music systems is my daily bread. Since I have been in the business for 3 years and I push my self to do a really good job nimepata recommendations from schools, supermarkets and small companies that can’t afford a 24/7 repair guy. So i get regular out calls. I have 2 student apprentices working under me always making sure they meet my high standards.

I will surely open a branch in Juja

funny thing though I started my repair biz after kuachwa na slay queen as a third year engineering student. Niliambiwa " I cant give her the life she wants". She’s a single mother now. I own 2 businesses now. The irony!


Depends on your skills and ability to market yourself as a fundi. Am a fully credited electrical engineer not this street fundi’s who can’t even spot a capacitor if it was in front of them. I fix motherboard related issues anything below that I live it to my two apprentices

Being repairing electronics since third year campus, good service gets you more customers I also repair and maintain coperate hardware so schools,supermarkets and small companies.

I repair laptops all day everyday, check out my posts in computer and technology.


Nice very nice especially the last part you took the L with her and went ahead to win in life …Iyo script haitawahi change

That’s why me huambia elders apa never pick a single mother…let them face the consequences of their own poor judgement of character @KuwaitBabe umeskia we aren’t here to raise your bastards


AppleBee was called a cheapo and his image tarnished for using this same strategy. This confirms that elders are spineless swines who just like bashing other more successful men.

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Mimi ni AMG true alpha mail

Hehehe siku hizi una tofauti gani na Vince mcMahon?.. hehehe

just because we didn’t bash him doesn’t mean the strategy isn’t shit still… hahaha

ni vile knuckles zimeisha grease kesi moja huwezi piga umbwa mara mbili…

@Lord_Wanaruona will cry foul when i come to the picture…use my money to chew the girl while he continues to simp to her with cheap datesb :green_emoji:

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Kiongos si tulikuwa na non aggression treaty. Mbona drop kick while am down.
Lakini what I know there is no solution of our problem it is just a trade off.