Why is crossdressing becoming normal in Kenyan society

Male comedians are a let down matters morality.
Crossdressing which was a taboo then is now normal in our society.
Even our good holy books the Bible prohibits crossdressing and any kind of behavior man exhibition of feminine tendencies.
I feel the Lgbtq community hides behind comedy, because a genuine African man won’t even think of adorning himself with this female attires
We are slowly programmed to see crossdressing as normal before it becomes “normal”
… masculinity on trial I see.
This civilization is reducing man to zombie.

Wearing pink blazers, pink floral shirts. Pole pole wanaume watavaa floral dresses

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men should dress like men


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Gei. Fuunda

Ati scriptures tungezaliwa na nguo tungejua what male or female clothing is.

Women started wearing trousers ilileta hullabaloo ikatulia saa hii girls wear them as part of school uniform.

Tomboys have worn clothing considered masculine and go on about their business since nobody cares.


Pushing the envelope. You can be a male chauvinist like kibe eager to provoke and thus become a brand. Taking a risk of either being loved or hated. But knowing that any publicity is good. Bora you get those numbers pesa inaingia.

Waalahi you’re ghey