Why is BBI a bad constitutional document ?

I am tired of people saying oooh BBI ni mbaya , yes , tunajua iko na maujinga mingi sana , but , someone told me that he thinks it’s a constitution fit for a country about to industrialise and nikaona ni ukweli , there are some great clauses huko ndani esp about manufacturing & agriculture lakini the number of ppl on payroll is too big , wapunguze size ya serikali , kwanza watoe woman rep seat before anything else .

Alafu With our current constitution , pesa inaibiwa ovyo and little happens coz the president is toothless …lets be honest . i also dont like BBI but its good side compensates for it’s bad side , unless you hate bbi juu ya raila or ruto , tuambie what makes you refuse it !

Let’s give our very own, the honor of opening this discussion. Kijana wa nyumba, kijana matata sana @spear , kazi kwako kizee.

You have just said it → We are adding more mp’s but the ones we have are not doing anything. Their most important work is to legislate and I do not think they have been able to do anything meaningful. I do not think more will help in anything. They all brag about CDF but constitutionally, it’s not even there. CDF should be taken up by counties.
We are not about to industrialize → We deindustrializing. The reality is because of our absurd expenditure, we have some stupid taxation. This makes us less competitive and many companies are closing shop. It’s easier to see companies closing shop in Kenya rather than opening. And now we are adding more expenses?
There is some dangerous shit like Ombudsman. The president will use that to control the judiciary.
And some things do not need a constitutional change but rather political goodwill. The tax break for the youth(Think about the implementation hell) && cash for counties do not need any referendum.
Finally, I hate the way they have gone about it. It’s just forced. E.g the amount of money spent on this thing could have been used for something better.
Corruption haitawahi isha.
But to be honest, we deserve this as a country.

if ruto miraculously joins raila today , kesho asubuhi you guys will bring powerpoint slides and graphs ati vile BBI italeta maendeleo !

No BBI is not about a country fit to industrialise. To industrialise, the government needs to invest in its people. BBI is about making the president more powerful and letting the kingpins of the largest tribe to eat to infinity and beyond. It also reduces the power of the judiciary. If you think money is being stolen now, wait for BBI to pass ndiyo mjue kuiba ni nini. Corruption can’t be stopped unless we start prosecuting it. Unless I’m mistaken, I didn’t see such a clause for prosecuting corruption & corrupt leaders.

I am not a Ruto supporter and I wonder even why Ruto is mentioned here. You asked a question and I answered it. If you have anything you disagree with yenye nimesemwa, respond with reason. Kama wewe bado uko on politics za anything goes and worship tribal demigods, then have a good evening.


BBI or no BBI life must continue

Hai support kungurus

my fren , my reply was public… that point is meant for everyone supporting ruto

Kwa hii mambo ya BBI I have mixed feelings. Nitaiangusha but Ipite isipite I don’t care.

Ruto ndio niko sure staki story zake. Dude is just a fuckking liar with no notable achievements.