Why is "All Lives Matter" so offensive to the radical left?

Listen to what this Asian lady (a Harvard graduate) has to say about ALM vs BLM. :smiley:


Purple can you just begin to see wale plastic surgeons wa Michael Jackson already. Tumechoka na yua covert digs on black people. Ghasia

Wewe unakuanga right-wing hata kushinda @T.Vercetti. Sijui mbona hata huwa nawaste time yangu kureply to your racist posts. This is the last time I am replying to your shitty posts. Umewekwa probation, utakula block ukiendelea na your racist BS.

Update : she was fired from her job for this

@Purple tumesema pole basi. We won’t do it again. Next time utazaliwa mzungu. It was a small mistake. You’re a mzungu of superior disposition despite your black skin.


Justifiably…it’s wrong to say that all lives don’t matter while calling for violence too…

What? I just posted a trending Twitter video. Where’s all this coming from?

Lucky immigrants, in positions they would not hold under a competitive market, always dread the influx of new immigrants out of the fear that they could be out-competed to lower jobs. They support Trump simply because he is opposed to the entry of new immigrants.

Is that what you did? For two years or more you’ve been posting rabid anti-black white supremacist bs daily. For what?

Being black is not a right/left issue BTW. You’re born black or you’re not.

I assume you mean even the above is racist? The Asian lady is pro-BLM in case you hadn’t caught on…

Haha, last week you were asking for me and saying how much you had missed me…lol

Did the Asian woman write the title of this thread for you?

Radical left is all about emotion rather than reason

Diversity of views and opinions is good not just the nyeuthi victimhood side


Michael Jackson never did plastic surgery. He was suffering from a melanin eating disease. He had to use an umbrella or a cape to protect his face since the disease left him vulnerable to UV rays from the sun.

Oh, no. I think she sounds sincere. Maybe with a few lessons on cultural sensitivity they could consider giving her back the job.

Here’s her LinkedIn page…whoa. She could be a paid “activist” after all. Just like we’ve been saying about BLM being more than just racism. Some people somewhere are bent on stirring things up to keep Americans angry and divided.

Experienced Researcher and organizer with a demonstrated [SIZE=5]history of working in political industries.[/SIZE] Skilled in Management, [SIZE=5]Community Organizing[/SIZE], Collaborative Problem Solving, Client Correspondence, and Public Speaking. Strong research professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Government and Psychology from Harvard University.

The left is winning wars because the right rarely learns
Never show mercy to your “enemies”
Cancel her forever

I’m not too sure about this whole cancel culture, because I think it’s a slippery slope towards fascism. Where does it end? One day, espousing Christian beliefs might get a person canceled by mainstream society. You know all of this ends up with the persecution and murder of Christians, right? I think she should be shown mercy. We cannot be like them, tit for tat means a world filled with blind people.

Check out what happened yesterday in NYC. They defunded the police to the tune of $1 billion dollars and BLM/antifa has now “occupied” NYC’s city hall. And trashed the whole place with graffiti and paraphernalia. What is really going on? It’s scary what the radical left has become.

These posts on American politics are getting tiring.