Why I'd Never Say No To Going To South C

It’s a cruel world. With sharks like @Sambamba that will be merciless in the water, and idiot hyenas like @T.Vercetti that have nothing else better to do in life. Like Sonko is finding out, you can never really rest in life. But there’s always that one place you can go to and find peace. Albeit for so few minutes. For me it is South C. Good luck to Ngannou tomorrow btw. I’m sorry for being so UFC heavy of late… my favourite 4 are fighting so close to each other… it’s like the God’s wanted to force me to be heavy on that front.

Nimefanya nini jameni?

I was coming from Athi River and wanted to chill kiasi at 15 Rooftop hapo the Curve, watch a match or two then proceed home later but apparently you have to make a reservation.

The dick heads must be feeling very hot. I give them three months just like any other new Nairobi joint hype iishe waanze kutusumbua na marketing SMSes

Hata mimi ni addict wa big knife sharwama pale Al Jazeera


You really give off a @Nyamgondho vibe.

The bragging. @Mzee mzima can you confirm that is ukifungua handle in 2022.

Wee mosquito si ukimye. Wenye barua wameipokea.

Hii curve iko wapi mdau?

@Sambamba huketi chini anatafuta the trendiest places anaekelea hapa kutisha watu.

First of all a real Kenyan mbirrionea hatambui reservation juu he knows the manager.

Secondly anasema ametoka Athi River and yet ameshinda hapa akipiga makelele na kunitupia gazeti za Russia. Hehehe.

I could have called Flossy Floss the owner but hey, I don’t like intimidating small time employees who obviously were acting under instructions. Mimi jio Jaruo nianze kutisha watu na phone calls.

Right opposite Ole Sereni

Hii building iko next to Eka?


This one here. Hio bar iko 15th floor kwa Rooftop. Fantastic views of the park and beyond

This is not South C.

[SIZE=5]Sounds like the sort of pretentious place you would visit and fit in perfectly Mr. @Sambamba :smiley:

The sort of place a “you guy my guy, si ucheki my guy” type would visit.

The sort of place where the food is overpriced na ukifika keja unahara for 3 days straight.[/SIZE]




it is considered as such