Why I would rather deal with Nyoro, Ichungwa and Oscar Sudi than Raila's Baby Owino

For a while, I have been rationalizing that I would rather deal with a senile president than an energetic one with a short fuse and a vengeful spirit. But now I have realized that senile Raila has chosen to surround himself with thugs for advisors and foot soldiers. People like Junet Mahamed, Babu Owino and their ilk must never be allowed near the center of absolute power. These people might even uproot the SGR and topple the Nairobi expressway because they can. Raila has chosen to smear himself with dirt, and that is exactly where he will stay

Going forward, I am firmly in the Ruto Camp. I would rather deal with people that bite with their words such as Ichungwa, Sudi and Nyoro ; than those who use their fists (and guns) such as Baby Owino and Janet wa Kihoro

We know you never left that camp.

The underlined and much more for me. Hata Jakuon mwenyewe will have no peace hapo SH.

I was never fully committed to that camp. There are some things about Raila that gel with me. His gentle fatherly mien would be a smooth transition following on Kibaki and Uhuru. But his tendency to accommodate gross behavior is worrisome. No serious presidential candidate should have Baby Owino iin theit inner circle

9% of Kenyans are undecided. Usually those split 70% to Leading candidate and 30% to 20% to losing candidate and 10% don’t vote. You just confirming that. However if you are RAT or his supporter then they automatically assume the undecided votes yote ni yao.

This poll ni ile jayden anapata and its the one giving him sleepless night. DP Uncle Ruto also gets it as his position demands. Final decisions are being made so expect reality to express itself publicly.

Enda ukaoshee Maribe ngotha nanii

Hata Mimi I can’t imagine Babu Owino being in the inner circle of president. This guy will shoot dead everyone who dares to oppose Raila

How is Babu different from Echesa?

Wapi Volume button? :D:D:D


Karibu Nyumbani.

For some reason posts za huyo jamaa hapo juu hufanya niskie some unexplained revulsion.
I have no problem with sycophants but his is different. The annoying type

Jesus Christ on a fooking bike:D

Chinkororo maliza huyo ruto ass licker.

Kenyans and double standards

There’s been a Baby Owino in every regime in post-independence KE, and in all other administrations around the world. Like someone posted up there, what do you think Echesa is, a flower girl? These nutcases just operate differently, some in the shadows and some obnoxious like Baby Owino, some uproot railways while others run down parastatals for fun, some ‘eat’ 50% of the budget, while others commit extrajudicial killings with wanton abandon and broker arms deals. However, their skill set (if you can call it that) is standard and necessary. You don’t rise to power anywhere with JUST resources, doves and a bunch of altar boys; you need ‘cleaners,’ hawks, fixers, and pigs not just to carry you to the top but keep you there. People who’ll create distractions when your ratings are low and take lives without asking, people who’ll take the heat off you when you’re getting pummeled. That’s power

Isn’t the nature of politics to ignore the evil of your team and focus on the adversary’s ills

Upewe mbili kwa paybill. Your analysis is at another level…and very eyeopening

RAT and his team always lack tact. It manifests day in day out. Whereas the Luo respond well to chaos, not everyone else. This has always been their shortcomings that scares a lot of people.

Nobody is undecided, I feel that most of these perceive their choice as unpopular within their area, for instance a Kamba who has decided Ruto may say during an opinion poll they are undecided, just so that they don’t look politically incorrect

Get a life. Unaweka too much thought na labda utavote spoilt ballot coz primary school hukua unafanya homework. Kazi ilikua kucopy