I’m only 23. I want to dedicate my twenties into smashing the patriarchy and having lots of sex with lots of hot guys, just so I can get it out of my system.

At 35 is when I’ll identify a rich man with less dating experience. I will shower him with love. After he marries me I will give him sex once a week then monthly. Meanwhile I might still be fúcking my former boyfriends on the side without my husband knowing. Chances are he’ll never have a clue about the number of abortions I’ve done.

Being a girl is great. It’s life on easy-mode. Men are always willing to pamper you, under the hopes that you’ll agree to sleep with them.

PussyFish :rolleyes:

Tauren the idiot huchoki

a ruch man marrying a 35y.o

3 years to come you’ll be here telling us that it was just a phase. Tulia.

Huyu ni Tauren jameni do not fall for his theatrics

Paka samaki


You not serious

:D:D:D:D Haya ni maajabu:D:D:D

Block inakam

Admin should block these fake accounts, and fake stories.

Talkers don’t inbox this whore , this is non other than @Tauren / @Weyn / @Nipe Nikusifu / @crossfire all handles of the same shemale who was sodomized huko friends school kamusinga [ATTACH=full]492086[/ATTACH]

ya @PHARMACY huuza kuma 50bob mlolongo , angalau anunulie @PHARMACY maembe for supper

Vuta glue mushienzi , wewe ni fala tu ya kawaida . Enda utombe wanaume huko harries Kisha urudi keja yako oyole kwa ile Malaya yako main yenye kwashiorkor [ATTACH=full]492088[/ATTACH]

@PHARMACY talkers are fed up with your pictures and your screenshots. Unasinya

Shuuuuut the fuck up glue sniffer , I know your handwriting you hiv positive orangutan


@Tauren unasumbua

So, how many abortions so far?