Why i support the Fuel VAT

Before you all attack me first read and understand my point.

If you cannot afford to service a car you probably shouldn’t own one. That money would be better invested in projects that would earn you easy money like a tuk-tuk. Or if you need something to move around it buy yourself a motorbike or a bicycle or even better walk.

These high fuel prices should humble Kenyans and make them rethink why they need to own a car?

Secondly, if fuel prices increase why aren’t Kenyans protesting the government to build them a better transportation network like light rails, and a better commuter rail network? (I don’t support BRT gava will never maintain such buses).

People are protesting about a car which again if you can’t afford to own one why are you owning it? Cars are expensive you need to change the oil, air filters, tires, and cleaning plus pay for inspections. And if it breaks down expensive repairs on parts and labor. Why go through it if you can’t afford it?

The number of excuses I’m seeing coming from politicians about poor Kenyans is not factual. They’re the ones who will be hurting because they’ll no longer be able to fuel their expensive SUV’s, some own matatus and mean they’ll start charging more etc.

But the power belongs to us Kenyans and we must accept the Fuel VAT then makes changes to how we live people should start investing in…

Bicycle renting business targeting the youths

[B]Selling/renting of Electric Scooters and Mopeds( 50cc)

Start an Electric Tuk-Tuk Business

Little knowledge is very dangerous

high fuel prices doesn’t affect only those with cars

What the hell? this is all you could think of??
fuel prices affect all sectors of the economy, whether you don’t have a car or not, you still need to travel.

Jeesu…what happened to simple comprehension?
Have you tried or made any effort to find out how the high fuel costs you are supporting came about?

Ndivyo mimi huliiza kila siku, mama zenu waliuza mbuzi na ng’ombe kuwasomesha na hapa ndipo mlifika? Why is it when I say the average nigga cannot think to save his life nyinyi huwa mnanitukana? Any way, let me break it down for you.


So, wen you raise the cost of petrol/diesel YOU DON’T JUST RAISE THE COSTS FOR THOSE WHO DRIVE. There is something called the ripple effect. The costs of transport go up. The cost of generating elec go up. These costs are then passed on to the consumer.

If you live in Thika you already know now you are going to pay 30-50 moreto get to Nairobi on Kenya Yetu. Moreover the unga, sugar, sukumawiki, whatever you consume will go up as transporters down the supply chain pass the costs to you.

This is the real cost of a fuel rise, not the small rise at the pump.

What’s more, poor people use kerosene to cook, and the price of this has also risen significantly. So a guy earning Sh400 per day kwa mjengo will now have to pay 30 bob more on fare, 10 more on unga, 3 more on sukuma, 5 more on kerosene and so and so on…comprende?

I have tried to keep it very simple because as you can see kufikiria na ku-understand ni ngumu.


Fuel prices and food prices are things that are very crucial to an economy

you just wasted your bundles kuandika takataka

Na tusisahau pia Stima itapanda tena

Why 30-50bob increase in fare? Assuming a matatu uses 5lts of petrol from Thika to Nairobi, that’ll only be 14 Bob extra for each litre of fuel which will be 70bob(14x5). Assuming it’s a 28-seater, hiking the fare by 30, means they’ll be making 28x30 =840bob extra. 770bob more than they should. Halafu tunasema serikali pekeyao ndio wezi

Hata hio bundles unatumia ktalk itapanda juu ya mafuta, jaribu ku refresh mara mbili tatu kuangalia likes, utapata unalipia deni ya SGR, na mhindi anakulipa ileile 10 sausand/month kama uncle

Bratha nani hukubebea Akili?muitisha saa huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…

Hii hesabu ebu jaribu kufanya na Kimutai tuone.

No offence but you are as stupid as they come from foolsland. How can you look at only one aspect of car ownership. Do you know that because of already high taxes car ownership in Kenya is still very low. Majority of Kenyans dont drive and not because they would not like to. Yet the fuel cost rise will affect them negatively in a major way. Have you yourself ever invested in a tuk tuk or you are just yapping like a fool. Enda urudishiwe school fees wewe

To all above

I want you to reread and understand the point I was trying to make. If we get more cars off the road. Kenyans will save money operating a car isn’t cheap. And I gave you all solutions to improve your commute.

To make transport cheaper the government needs to reduce its wage bill and reduce its fuel buying budget. Kenyans need to understand this point. The world is very quickly changing from fossil fuels.

We can convert our matatus to start running on CNG and that even includes trucks to farms etc.

More Kenyans using matatus, Uber equals more savings in there pocket. This would force government to invest in more public transport like trains and trams.

na kumbuka as these things are going up by 30 shillings , his salary will still be stuck at ksh 400 a day . begs me to ask… what will go through his head when life becomes hard?

The electricity is rising due to the multitude of projects KPLC are doing.

Ketraco is building power lines across the country and KPLC connected rural Kenyans to power. Kwani where did you think these programs will be done for free??

If a whole prime minster can do this?

Why would someone living 5-10kms near the city center need to drive in a car alone?? Just ride a bicycle.

There are a lot of very pertinent facts stated here. Let’s try hard not to derail this post. But the elephant in the house is really policy. Plain and simple. Fact. You don’t sort out debt issues by getting more indebted. Fact. We really don’t need that money. Fact. Our economic problems are political. We really don’t need expats, sijui Breton woods bla bla bla.

Indeed, yet no one is coming up with innovative ideas on how to move food from farms without relying on petrol.