Why I support Jayden with this...

This is a good initiative… we should have all the major highways dualled and PPP under toll is the better initiative to achieve that. We should have Nairobi Mombasa dualled, Nairobi, Nakuru, Mau Summit Eldooret, to Malaba dualled, Nairobi Namanga dualled, Mau Summit Kericho Kisumu Kakamega Kitale dualled, Nairobi to Isiolo dualled and Lamu, Mombasa, Malindi Kwale to Tanzania border dualled under PPP using toll roads. If we do this we can easily open up the country and jumpship from underdeveloped status to first world within a short time. Good infrastructure , limited corruption is necessary to open up the country for foreign investment easily. In fact Uhuru is too slow on this, I hope i was the president, I would have fasten this and used all the intimidations available to ensure it succeeds.
What i do not only agree with him is having toll roads within the city. For me i think its unnecessary such as Nairobi expressway, we should have built using loan an expressway with interchanges, overpasses and underpasses and incorporated light rail (which can also be done using PPP) riunning between these major arteries of Nairobi such as Nairobi Mlolongo, Nairobi Thika, Nairobi JKIA, Nairobi Ngong road and Nairobi Rironi and ban the matatus strictly from accessing the CBD, have a central railway station in CBD where all these light rail terminate, have all the bus stages outside the CBD, ban hawking along the streets and let people be allowed to buy food only in the constructed markets and this country will be a world class nation.

After landing in Mombasa at just Sh35 per litre of petrol and diesel, the taxes and levies push the prices of the two products to above Sh100


You support enslaving your children with tolls when they are already taxing you to death under the excuse of building infrastructure? Don’t you know Kenyans pay some of the most expensive prices for petrol and diesel in Africa?
Resist that Stockholm Syndrome


mambo yakumaliza SGR amekanyagiwa namna hiyo. tupee hustlers Arror kiti 2022

Why should they enslave Kenyans with tolls? There is no alternative for poor Kenyans in this bad deal.

If you think of it, a standard road is merely asphalt (waste petroleum), rocks, and soil laid and compacted.

Only a fool will support such shitty deals. They make road building look like rocket science

Jubilee government look like is run by slayqueens…

Langat kipro is one hell of a slayqueen

hapo mimi siko. kulipia ile njia unapitia kuenda kusalimia wazazi nyumbani ni kuwa slave kwa country yako.

kulipia njia ni laana.