Why i support Israel over Palestine

Palestine are just like the local kenyan Somali population who like hiding al shabaab terrorists and allow them to bomb nywele ngumu Kenyans like the case of Garissa University attack Westgate mall and Dusit Attacks and when the govt conducts operation in Eastleigh and North Eastern to smoke out terrorists they cry they are being targeted. And so are Palestine hiding terrorists and allowing them to invade Israelis and using children and woman as human shield so as to act as great victims for huge sympathy… Nonesense I don’t give a damn about their issues. Arabs and their brothers Somalis are always stirring troubles everywhere

Shughulika na kwenu.


Arabs should be wiped from the surface of the earth immediately. Next should be Indians and Chinkus. In that particular order.

Niaje Mteso mjinga?

Mteso ni wewe

Keep on “should be” dreaming about your statement, Bro !


Wewe na @mlipuayote mtaombewa fatwa na @rexxsimba

Germany and Britain should bare the cost of relocating Palestine Arabs elsewhere as those 2 countries are largely to blame for this situation. Jews have a right to exist as so do the Arabs. Option hapa sasa ni mbili:

  1. Find a new home for mnyonge.
  2. Mnyonge amaliswe mpaka shida iishe.

There is no difference between Zionists and jihadists. Both are religious zealots who believe they have a divine right to bomb the shit out of people who don’t worship their god. Just say you support the winning side. Though I find it funny you would back Israel when you are a sinophile.

Niliona Zionist ikijenga nyumba WestBank ikisema, “This land was given to us by God!” Hapo ndio nilijua hii vita haitawai isha.

Israelis are very reasonable until it comes to that subject. Even an astrophysicist will tell you how Yahweh blessed them with the promised land and that they are his chosen people.

Personally I don’t give 2 f@cks if the 2 sides wiped each other out and rid the earth of their stupidity I know what they think of Africans !


Early Man
This generic “cave man” represents the first human settlers in Israel/Canaan/the Levant. Whoever they were.

What did ancient Canaanites look like? I don’t know, so this is based on ancient Sumerian art.

Canaan was located between two huge empires. Egypt controlled it sometimes, and…

….Assyria controlled it other times.

The “Children of Israel” conquered the shit out of the region, according to bloody and violent Old Testament accounts.

Then the Baylonians destroyed their temple and took the Hebrews into exile.

Here comes Alexander the Great, conquering everything!

No sooner did Alexander conquer everything, than his generals divided it up and fought with each other.

Greek descendants of Ptolemy, another of Alexander’s competing generals, ruled Egypt dressed like Egyptian god-kings. (The famous Cleopatra of western mythology and Hollywood was a Ptolemy.)

More Greek-Macedonian legacies of Alexander.

Hebrew Priest
This guy didn’t fight, he just ran the Second Temple re-established by Hebrews in Jerusalem after the Babylonian Exile.

Led by Judah “The Hammer” Maccabee, who fought the Seleucids, saved the Temple, and invented Channukah. Until…

….the Romans destroyed the Second Temple and absorbed the region into the Roman Empire…

….which split into Eastern and Western Empires. The eastern part was called the Byzantine Empire. I don’t know if “Romans” ever fought “Byzantines” (Eastern Romans) but this is a cartoon.

Arab Caliph
Speaking of cartoon, what did an Arab Caliph look like? This was my best guess.

After Crusaders went a-killin’ in the name of Jesus Christ, they established Crusader states, most notably the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

Mamluk of Egypt
Wikipedia sez, “Over time, mamluks became a powerful military caste in various Muslim societies…In places such as Egypt from the Ayyubid dynasty to the time of Muhammad Ali of Egypt, mamluks were considered to be “true lords”, with social status above freeborn Muslims.[7]” And apparently they controlled Palestine for a while.

Ottoman Turk
Did I mention this is a cartoon? Probably no one went to battle looking like this. But big turbans, rich clothing and jewelry seemed to be in vogue among Ottoman Turkish elites, according to paintings I found on the Internet.

A gross generalization of a generic 19-century “Arab”.

The British formed alliances with Arabs, then occupied Palestine. This cartoon is an oversimplification, and uses this British caricature as a stand-in for Europeans in general.

The British occupied this guy’s land, only to leave it to a vast influx of….

European Jew/Zionist
Desperate and traumatized survivors of European pogroms and death camps, Jewish Zionist settlers were ready to fight to the death for a place to call home, but…

….so were the people that lived there. Various militarized resistance movements arose in response to Israel: The Palestinian Liberation Organization, Hamas, and Hezbollah.

State of Israel
Backed by “the West,” especially the US, they got lots of weapons and the only sanctioned nukes in the region.

Guerrilla/Freedom Fighter/Terrorist
Sometimes people fight in military uniforms, sometimes they don’t. Creeping up alongside are illicit nukes possibly from Iran or elsewhere in the region. Who’s Next?

and finally…
The Angel of Death
The real hero of the Old Testament, and right now too

Israel is defending itself. Wakirusha tunarusha.


The two groups should be allowed to fight it out to the bitter end as has been done for centuries… Loser ahame

Kali sana. Ulitoa wapi?

Kwani ayon dome haina netwak?

Explain apo kwa finally.

Msakuru siku hizi uko na tumaringo twa peni nane