Why I Support Finance Bill 2023

As an employer i support the Finance Bill 2023 since it will help many Kenyans owns home. 9 of my employees(slaves) live in those shitty estates with no sewage and good roads and in shags they have only simbas. I pay them well but they imbibe themselves with alcohol and women but with the Finance Bill 2023 ,they will now own homes and have a decent living. I support President William Ruto on this one!!.

Budaa where have you been since you joined this cesspit and why the fuck should this low IQ bs be the first time im seeing your handle… Wtf

If they live in slums it means that you don’t pay them well


Do you remit their PAYE, NSSF,NHIF?


If they already live in those shitty estates as it is where will they live after being deducted monthly payments to go towards buying those houses? And after how many years will they afford those houses, when they are 120 years old? But why do some Kenyans insist on not using their heads to think?
Right now the so-called affordable housing units are being bought by bank workers, some of who already have other houses. Thay are the only ones who can afford those shitty pig-stys. Now here comes your workers with their 500/- deductions per month, when will the fool afford those houses? Or did you just want to inform us you have “workers?”

Jana ulisema uko na 8 employees Leo imekuwa 9+:D:D:D:D

Story za jaba?
Why would be happy about contributing an extra 3% to match employee’s amount?

:D:Dno logical business person would want to lose money… you seal all bleeders dummy, including unnecessary ones kama hii fund… ama unaona nabii akiwa in power 7 years from now?

supposing they contribute the maximum of 5000 per month .In 1yr its 60,000. In ten years its 600,000 what kind of house will that build

Some wazee have not received nssf money months after claim je hii upuzi. Wacha waseme ukweli. Bure kabisa Ngombe ici

Labda amejihesabu director, na bibi operations manager.

And the family cat is the procurement manager.:confused:


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