Why I love Tanzania's CCM

What I love about Tanzania’s CCM is the fact that it will never allow Tanzanians to be used for globalist agenda – whether it is the coronavirus agenda, the ‘war on terrorism’ agenda, the bill gates polio vaccine agendas… and so on.
The CCM folks actually sit down, and think through stuff, before pushing it to their people. That is the stuff genuine revolutionary governments are made of.
But in places like Rwanda and Uganda, you find M7 and Kagame ready to lock up their people just because they have been told to do so by their globalist masters.
Here in Kenya, it is a mixed record – where some of the folks in the government care about the people but also have to please their globalist masters (hence the strange covid measures, like where they lock up a bit [to please their globalist masters], but not completely [to take care of their people’s interests] ).

But the fawking globolists are locked up too and dying more than we niggas

Tanzanians have the interests of the nation… Shida ni ujinga na dogma wako nayo… Not everything suggested by the white men is bad…

Watanzania waki embrace masomo na research watakua African giant… they already have a proper political system in place (Benevolent dictatorship)

Which globalists have died?They are showing their hand now,peddling their vaccine agenda and microchipping agenda as well.Let’s not forget the 5g agenda closely behind,they want to merge human consciousness with A.I. like Elon Musk has already admitted.The only twist to the story is we’re on our own,there’s no one coming to save us.The only option other than slavery is to refuse to comply,and hold all of the guilty parties accountable.At the end of the day,we are more than they are.


Tanzanians, don’t listen to Kenyans on twitter, you are on the right path no matter what you will face, don’t sell out to this agenda.
For the house nigger kenyans, the gatekeepers, we dont give a damn.

Before you jump your mouth all over; before conspiracy theorist like Alex Jones drag what remains of your brain to the sewer, you should listen to Bill Gates on YouTube in old videos explain stuff.
And I’m not talking about the one he talks about the next pandemic.

The one he talks about high population growth in Africa for example, he was referring to how good health and a low child mortality rate stops poor mothers from giving birth like rats.
They stop being worried about the ‘survivability’ of their children, hence no need to give birth to 10 so that 3 can grow to adulthood.

You low IQ people like misrepresenting statements. You cannot understand the reasoning of highly intelligent people, so you interpret it the way you feel like.
Bill has actually always advocated for the same thing… low child mortality rate.

Yaani mko naive that much? Si muende mkapewe citizenship huko.

Another one for conspiracy theorist @Kicharo
I doubt you have the ability to comprehend, but here we go anyway.


Do not feed the trolls! It’s not that they can’t see your point, they see it very well, they specifically enjoy to see chaos and watch the world burn. Just ignore, you will waste your time, energy and sanity.

so to you the deaths in italy, spain and US are all stage concerts? You sound like a cult leader who tell followers the world will end tomorrow then poison them to die or burn them to death in church

Nice analysis,

You are swallowing gates bait hook, line and sinker.
The first false narrative is that our women give birth to many children to balance the mortality rate, or what you are calling survivability.
The second one is that we are overpopulated. Try compare Africa’s population density with that of Asia, most of Europe and the Americas. You will be surprised.

Socialism haijawai work. Ujamaa failed. Kutumia kifua and crashing the opposition also failed to bear good results.

Disclaimer: Right now I’m wearing my tin foil hat which I bought at infowars.com.
The fact is that we are living in the end times and the Bible promised there will be a mark of the beast, 666. What better cover than a pandemic? This covid might not be “it” but I think there will come far deadlier pandemics in the near future and people will literally beg for the beast system to intervene. Perhaps through vaccines?


Tukizaa Kama panya wat is his fuckin problem,if he has low sperm count and can’t give birth to ten kids let him not push that to we low IQ as u put it.we have people with 40 kids learned and doing well.those who give birth to many have their reasons.its their dicks and vaginas,I hate it when nigroes who think having understanding in white mans language and few papers to prove can dictate us niggas on how we should live our lives.vaccine sitapata hio yake better I die off

I doubt you even bothered to watch any of those videos.

It is not a ‘false narrative’ because I’ve seen it. My father were 12 siblings, only 6 grew up.
Very many rural families still do the same in Kenya. Give birth to as many as possible to improve chances of many living to adulthood.
Or simply give birth to kids they can’t afford to give a decent life, because they have no access to family planning.

Bill Gates is not worried about overpopulation in Africa alone. It is overpopulation in general.
But all data shows that the rate is growing fastest in Africa and poor countries while reducing everywhere else.

Population density does not matter if you can feed and house your people.
New York has one of the highest densities but people have shelter and food.
Africa is nowhere close to that and we can’t feed ourselves now.

Bill Gates got kicked out of India when his vaccination program led to an increase in the diseases he was vaccinating people from.Section 13 of vaccines tells you what vaccines can do to you if you can’t take them.But people don’t know about that .History will repeat itself.