Why I love Frank Gallagher- Shameless.


I have said it here before, despite my love for blood and gore my favorite series will always be Shameless.

There’s something about Frank flawed realism that makes us love him .
In this episode he infects the PTA members with three(not one) STD’s.
In reality these sort of scandals happen every time.Watch how Frank gets himself off from the hook and actually reconciles some couples.

NB: A few mamas and I were discussing a hot single father who has this adorable cute gals,he never misses a sports day or any meeting…I’m pretty sure he has dicked a few of the mums. :D:D

How come single dads don’t get so much heat like single mums?

If you haven’t watched Shameless I don’t know whatchu waiting for.

I identity more with lip’s character. A bright fellow but on self destruct mode

I will watch it tonight

Kuna episode flani huyo mzee alikuwa amebeba mug imejaa beer, akawekwa ngumi na kuanguka lakini the funny thing is he didn’t spill a single drop of the beer :D:D:D
But niliachia season 3 na sahii ni 9 imeanza, sioni ka ntaweza kucatch up.


:D:D:D nyang’au

I knew I’ll get you. …:D:D:D

Naenda prayers day ya my daughter on 21 next month ,will pretend to be a single father so help me God.

niaje singlecop

I always imagine having Frank as a father you can easily die…but on the other hand he is a genius considering how he knows many ways of scamming the system and how he always gets away with felonies…
But he also proves ladies love bad boys, the number of women the fucker bangs in a complete season considering his state watcha tu.

nguruba,fanya utakalo

I was once obsessed with this show… then one day while watching a season 4 episode my interest suddenly dropped to zero.

Am sure the characters are way older now.

:D:D:D:D He loves the kids in his own special way.
The ladies on the other hand…but probably I would bang him too because of his absolutely brilliant mind- ( I would insist on a condom though)
But there are tearful moments in there too…
That’s why I love the show very much.It can not be compared to shows like Modern family( which is also good) but the Gallagher’s reflect our society, some shit we can relate to right in out own homes.

Frank is amazingly the same. Same old weathered face. The kids are bigger. Ian is gay Jesus…you should get back on it.It keeps getting better.


Iko fiti?

People forget that this American version is just a borrowed concept of the original British version.
I think the English version is even more realistic and way funnier.
These kind of jungus Really do exist!

:D:D:D British humor is the best.

I was halfway through season 1 when I realized it was not the original shameless and I couldn’t convince hubby to switch over and I got stuck here even when he was not around.

Umenikumbusha My family- Ben Harper is on another level kabisaa.


The best drama series I’ve ever seen. It’s basically a story about the highs and lows of the lives three siblings, as well as their parents story told through flashbacks 36 years into the past. To me it’s very good. But don’t take my word for it. I keep recommending it to people I think might like dramas and they keep shooting it down.

If you were a fan of the old dramas (Judging Amy, Third Watch, etc) then you will loove this one.

Frank is such an ass he’s always in a mess but anajua kujitoa Kwa ngori.