Why I loathe and respect Kalenjin at the same time

They may have a bad reputation of mismanaging institutions and dipping their hands in public coffers but I respect them for the following attributes:
-You don’t find them in slums of major towns (unlike the Luo, Luhya, Kikuyu, Kisii, Kamba)
-They don’t engage in hawking and other environmental degradation hustles.
-They value farming and preserving their agricultural lands unlike the stupid Kikuyus who have sliced up the whole of Mt Kenya into 40 by 80 plots.
-They look up for each other whenever they are in strange country
-Still believe in taking their children to school and having a proper education
-The family unit is stronger among the Kalenjin as compared to other tribes. Though most of their men are horny as fuck and can sleep around with anything as long as it has a vagina.


Kales are low IQ animals


Let’s finish with how they look like compared to the rest of us

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You are joking, right?

Hujui vile Mau imekuwa kesi hii Kenya? You are not aware that Kericho had a proper municipality water system that had ever-flowing taps with fresh water just a decade and a half ago but at some point they were protesting lack of water in the town. Obviously because they themselves were engaged in distrubing the water tower that is Mau!!! Enda pale Chepseon ununue viazi na carrot na minji ukijua the Mau forest section that is nearby has been cut down for farming. Hizo vitu unanunua zimepandwa ndani ya forest basically.

Alafu unasema vitu zako hapo.

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Unajua maana ya hawking ama una typ nonsense tu

Najua maana ya environment degradation. We unajua?

Kijana tembea kenya. All the hawkers, makanga and malaya huko kericho, sotik, iten, eldoret, kabarnet, kapsowar etc ni kaleos. Even ruto himself has said he was hawking chicken kwa barabara huko kwao. Sudi alikua makanga. There are also slums in those areas eg kaptembwa, langas, kwa rhoda etc. Shida ya wa kale is that they are reserved and dont normally venture outside their home areas to hustle, they remain home and farm maize or keep cows and goats. That is why the ones you will see out there are mostly civil servants or police. Even many of those with formal jobs in towns like nairobi, nakuru, mombasa etc dont bring their families, rather familia inaishi ushago and the guy travels there every 2 weeks or once month. The absence of the men from home for so long is what makes the men promiscuous. In the rural areas men spend alot of time drinking busaa while the women till the land and kids take care of the livestock.


Wakichoma watu kanisani hiyo smoke ilisaidia mazingira?

Kijana amekaa dundori his entire life and has never seen a kale hawking.