Why I Finally Agree with @TrumanCapote

Recently @TrumanCapote explained in some thread how porn makes many guys have a wrong imagination about sex standards, and female satisfaction in particular. I personally had disagreed with her on the size of the willy, while discussing the TV show Naked Attraction

I watched when I was in college, but I went on searching and found this…


In short, watu wa porn mlicheswa kabisa…and the devil is using it to embellish in you the spirit of lust and masturbation.

The vice is destructive but that is the only thing I agree with Trumbwa Kapondi

Alcoholics have no business telling people to stop using alcohol. That one is allergic to goat meat at aseme kula mbuzi ni illegal?

The devil, huh… right. As you were.

Manze respect @truman capoti she has good points from women perspective. I am not saying that to get sympathy slices my girls makes niggas masturbate:D:D:D

I will respect her when she agrees to safisha me mecho at a private undisclosed lokeshen

I guess she is a principled post wall decent lady :smiley:

No human is limited. We can break down the wall for the moment

porn is for entertainment son,only if you have an imbecilic brain then you’d believe whatever is going on,its like believing in magic…but knowing you,anything goes

She needs to report to the forum asap. Atuletee thought provoking threads na mawaidha moto. And she writes well. And she is the only person I know on KT that supports Raila without cowering. Others ni kushida hapa criticizing and hating on Jubilee and not having the courage to front their man outright.
Sorry, I digressed from the topic.