Why I cut off My Dic!

Yes, it did not respect my brain! Once cut out, it looked like a little piece of sausage as it floated on the bowl. I thought of going to hospital, but the stump healed just well. And that is how I became a tongue expert! Don’t try that at home!!


ningekuambia kojoa ulale but hauna

Tumia mihadarati bila kusumbua. Effects zikitokea, jifungie udeal nazo pekee yako.

Wewe ni mad kîhîî

Ana need dick kuitwa kiiihiii, but apparently he cut it, so sijui ataitwa nini.

Former Kîhîî

I walk around dick less! I feel liberated !

Looks like somebody just lost his damn mind.

Damn dic!

Acha bangi

Imenisumbua! Sasa niko sawa!

:smiley: Utaamka wakati mihadarati zimeisha kwa mwili, usome hizi posts, ushangae.

That is called figurative speech! We can cut off, or dissociate our groins from our brains! We call it the limbic system! Never allow the limbic system to capture your overall persona!

Hii sasa ata si bangi niwagurukire tene :smiley:

Wewe ni mkikuyu?

Mkikuyu ndo nini :rolleyes::rolleyes:

You would be very dead. Do you know how much blood flows to that organ?

I just used a piece of cloth to stop the bleeding! I poured jik on it,very painful. But it healed well! Never try that at home!

There are major blood vessels running in and out of that organ. You cannot stop the bleeding there with a simple bandage. To make that piece of meat stand up during sex requires insane amounts of blood.
That is why you normally stop thinking clearly when you see vagina. You are pumping abnormal volumes of blood away from your brain to your dick. Rational thoughts resumes once you have nutted and the blood returns to the brain once again. You can write a bestseller after sex. Your brain is 100% undisturbed by evil thoughts.

If you chop off the penis you have to sew its arteries shut, bandage sioni. And because of the numerous nerves in that area the intense pain would probably make you pass out. If you are alone, by the time you come to, you might be very pale and weak from blood lose. Your heart is pumping large volumes of blood out of your dick due to shock. And when you see all that blood you will panic at what you have done to yourself and your heart will beat faster.
Forget walking, or driving. And because you are in shock you cant think straight. You dont remember your phone. If you are alone, sioni ukitoboa