Why i believe Uhuru will be on the Ballot come 2022.

Senator Kangata said “…there are some rumors, which are yet to be confirmed, that we may go to a referendum…” . we will definitely have a referendum, restructuring the Executive, and Uhuru will vie again under the new dispensation , just like Moi did in 1992, when Presidential term limits were introduced.
listen to Sen. Kangata from min 10:45 .


Kojoa ulale

Sawa @Mama Mboga, na wewe utafanya nini kabla ulale ?

you are very right, my fren. handshake was not for the people’s well being but for restructuring the executive

An interesting suggestion but I doubt he will run again. If he attempts it, he will face opposition not just from the opposition itself, but from his own Deputy President who has set a record “kutangatanga” throughout the country looking for votes for 2022. And even if he does run, it will be difficult for him to win without his DPs support base.

Also, the way he is going after corrupt guys now is a bit telling. He didn’t do it in his first term since he knew he would need all the support he can get for a second term. But now that he is president, he doesn’t give a damn who he offends with this anti-corruption campaign. He is behaving more like someone who wants to leave a legacy than someone who wants to run.

Akijaribu atashindwa mpaka na Dida

Hujui huko ije kuna wajinga wangapi who would rather vote for a dead kikuyu than anyone else. After all, it was a mistake to elect him in 2013 and 2017.

If the referendum is about changing from the presidential to the parliamentary system, then am all for it. Its a more stable system for a diverse country like ours in my opinion.

We don’t need him. Umbwaaaa, takataka,ghasia,blood fvcking. Mtoto Wa Bahati mbaya. Hizi deni ametuletea ana fikiri tutalipa na mavi

There is nothing wrong with the constitution as it is. The problem is our politicians. We have refused to change them.

Crystal balls moment.

hata wachana na Kang’ata, Atwoli Francis akishasema Uhuru is going nowhere on JKL itakuwa hivo. Let the sheep now decide.

Too early to say

It will be easy for Uhuru to win, as there will be 4 positions for grabs.
Uhuru as President brings in his kikuyu base, Raila as Prime Minister comes in with his base.
Then we have 2 Deputies, let’s say that tard from the coast (Sultan) becomes Deputy PM, bringing the coastal votes.
That election is already won, even without a Deputy President, who may be a luhya.
I can’t seem to see DP Ruto anywhere near power.

The fat guy knows something that we don’t.

I doubt whether that arithmetic will work.

In my opinion, at the moment the 3 main political players of our time are Uhuru, Ruto and Raila. If Uhuru wants the presidency, he will need atleast one of these guys to support him. Even if he wants to call a referendum to change the constitution, he will need atleast one of these guys in conjunction with the other less important players (Madvd, Musyoka and the like).

Now, Raila is in his twilight years and he will be 78 in 2022. I simply dont see him accepting something other than the presidency. In 2002, he would have been Uhuru’s deputy then but he stormed out of KANU with a large number of loyalists. In 2007, he was coerced into being Prime Minister.

And ofcourse Ruto has hit the ground running for 2022. Uhuru’s first hurdle will be to call a referendum to change the constitution. How will he cross this hurdle without either Ruto or Raila…

If Uhuru wants to rule beyond 2022, the only way is for him to tear up the constitution and rule as a dictator. But he will need the full backing of the security apparatus especially the armed forces. Without becoming a dictator, I don’t see him ruling beyond 2022 democratically.

On Ruto ascending to power, I also find it difficult to see him ascending there but also, Ruto is a man who has come from far from his chicken-selling days in Eldoret. I havent counted him out yet.

You missed it. The handshake is what will bring about the constitutional change.
Next election, Uhuru and RAO will be in the same camp.
That means Joho will be on this camp to. Then add one more guy, either a Luhya of a character from the pastrolist community.
Ruto is free to come up with his arrangement to.

Tema hayo mate ! Just to ensure the agendas 5 ama ni 4 don’t end up like Dream team (moi errors ) or vision 2030 (kibaki errors )
Ohuru had to keep Ra0 within reach (handshake ) come 2022 mtaelewa !

Odm politicians would support the move to change constitution but jubilee politician (majority) would oppose. Central and riftvalley voters would oppose it as well. Uuru knows this and he can’t dare go for a referendum. Ruto is the next president, 2022 votes count will be as follows, ruto, raila, kalonzo and lastly gideon.

Don’t be quick. As late as November 2012 Gathecha hakuwa presidential candidate. Na last year the Nasarites walikatiana hadi karibu campaign time iishe.

isn’t it funny seeing peasants discussing billionaires :smiley: