Why I am happy about 2016 KCSE results

The first KCSE in 1989 had only one A- and 300B+. Through out the early 90s, the number of top grades remained exceptionally low and with a C+, you were guaranteed a place at public university. Although the number of students scoring C+ increased throughout the 90s, they remained below 10K. From about the year 2002, everything changed, and the change was big. The number of As stably became over 1000, B+ over 10K.

The low number of top grades in the 90s was not because there was no cheating. National (original) and big urban schools used to cheat all the time. After all, their teachers used to set the exam questions. They used to have fasihi, literature and science practicals well in advance. They would go through these with their teachers throughout third term. The only thing that kept the number of top grades low was that the number of schools involved were not many. Lack of means of communicating the leakage to other schools was was also responsible.

This state of affairs favoured the bourgeoisie. They had the connections to have their children in these schools. By 2015, the status quo could not hold any more. Any leaked examination questions could spread to the whole country in minutes, thanks to mobile telephony. From about 20K C+ and above in the year 2000, this number had increased to 170,000 in 2015. You were not guaranteed medicine anymore with grade A. It had become useless. The bourgeoisie felt threatened and things had to change. They could not monopolise the popular courses at the university anymore. The agitation we have seen for the last two years for something to be done about cheating was all because of this. All along, it was an open secret that exams were always leaked.

As rampant as this cheating has been, many rural school students could not participate in it. Most of these schools are populated by pupils from from very poor backgrounds with no phones or smart phones to enable them participate in the dishonesty. Consequently, the top performers in these rural schools are those scoring C+ and Cs. The hardworking pupils would score a B+. These were honest grades. In the early days of 8-4-4, these boys and gilrs would get a place at the university and go back to uplift their villages. As things were in 2015, this was no more.

I am happy because the dignity of these hardworking pupils in most of kenya has been restored.


Sasa wale madaktari wa kutibu madeni tutawatoa wapi chamaneni?

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The restoration of sanity in learning institutions may take longer than we think since this revolution may unfortunately hit a dead end. Assuming Bw. Matangi is transferred by the cartels to another ministry due to obvious reason status quo will be relegated.

They cooked this year’s results to cover up last year’s embarrassment.

You may be right. They have been unable to do anything with school fees. Most of the so called national schools charge over 120K per year, and that is the declared amount. During the year you may pay additional money for construction etc. Most of this money is squandered by headmasters. For example, during their annual pilgrimage to mombasa, they charge their schools about 200k for just one week. With such night out allowances, school heads are some of the most well remunerated professionals in kenya. Add corruption in procurement of school consumables and you get the reason why they have big cars for doing nothing

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If you could write the name of this Great Nation as a proper-noun, you would also return sanity to this thread :slight_smile:

Hapa hakuna Paul Wasanga

Employers have for ongoing being complaining about half baked graduates who on paper scored excellent results but a total flop in the workplace. Most companies are forced to retrain these cheats to lift them up to acceptable standards and still there are those who fail to hack it.
The next battleground should be the universities. Tough battle looming ahead.