Why him?

Why is Ruto’s name so common in so many scams? Why him all the time? Ata kama ni kuwekelewa kwani imegeuka ikakuwa ni kawaida? Alafu kuharibu sana he is the guy most Kenyans want as their president.

Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivereth him out of them all.

ati many Kenyans? Just your crowd and those you associate with. outside kiuk land and kales, hana following.

tulisha semaga last year tume bana makende ya huyo Mwizi, and if manages to escape tuta baki nazo!

most guys want him as president:oops:any way kuota ni free

He is the new Raila. People who attended universities on Thika Road won’t understand.

You cannot put God and loot.all in the same sentence my fren … huyo mujamaa ni jambazi sugu

NHIF yenye maskini anategemea inacollapse in 16 days, andika mahali kwa kalenda yako. Ni relative wa Ruto ameiloot?
70 billion zilipotea kwa project ya laptops za watoto wa class 1, ni Ruto alikula?
Over 250 billion za eurobond zilikunywa maji tu ivo, ni Ruto alikula?
Mnatombwa daily na Uhuru, alafu media ya Moi inawapaka lube kidogo, mnasifu Uhuru juu anatumia lube, hamuoni mnatombwa?

Ruto does not walk around with owners of Capital.
Ruto does not walk around with parasitic multinational capitalists.
Ruto does not walk around with foreign economic mercenaries.
Atlantic Council does not have Ruto by the balls.
Xi Jinping does not have Ruto by the balls.
The Reptilian House of Windsor does not have Ruto by the balls.
Guru Narendra of Devki, whose low quality steel remains banned by all major fabricators in region, does not have Ruto by the balls.
Corrupt Mombasa businessmen have no control over Ruto.
Ruto has no interests in foreign countries, which can make him auction his own people.
Ruto has no bank, which can clean and hide away any proceeds of corruption, unlike Uhuru.
Ruto does not own Mshwari, which sucks kenyan’s sweat.
Ruto is not building a private city with looted funds.
Ruto has no stake in Nairobi Hospital.
Ruto has never educated his kids outside Kenya, and has no residence outside the country.

Ruto is being fought for speaking the language of the people, the long suffering citizens of kenya.
Fought for standing firm against capitalistic dynasties, which have for long survived on the blood of Kenyans.

For the Parasitic Capitalists, the consequences of Ruto being in statehouse are better imagined than experienced.

If you want Ruto out of the way just kill him, otherwise he is now unstoppable, we love him so much its a shame.

ukana point, it’s cute!! but its wrooong

Ngai! Yaani unakufia jamaa ivo vyote na ata hakujui? All I meant is that Ruto is mentioned in way too many scandals. Full stop.

The simple answer is PROPAGANDA…The entitled ‘owners’ of the country have laser-focused on him. They are putting all stops to get him out the way & pave way for one of their own.

Imagine if Ruto decided to build a 500 billion private city like the Kenyarras? People would go crazy!
Imagine if Ruto re-routed dam water to build his city? People would be more furious.
Or if he had a stake in airports, banks, airlines and SGR.
But of course, Kenyattas are given pass because they apply lube first.

Na ile eurobond ya kwanza alirusha uhuru 100b?

We love Ruto so much its a shame. Na tumampenda bure.

Buda hii hadithi umeandika ni refu … but keep this in mind ama heart ikiwesekana, Loot.all ni jambazi. If I start listing scandals zile zimemshika hata hii umeandika itakuwa too short to read


umenaswa kwa urahisi sana na Cambridge Analytica. Mtu hana power kwa cabinet, hana power kwa party, hana bank, huwa anaiba aje?

Anaiba tu vyenye muizi yeyote ataiba … forexampo vile aliiba 7b ya kimwarer na aror

Just tells us where Ruth got the billions he splashes in churches. Selling chicken must have been very lucrative when Arap Singh was in the business.

You only need 104 million yearly to give out 2 million every weekend, January to December.
Some Doctors practising at Nairobi Hospital are making over 300 million yearly.
The presidency is allocated billions of money, legally, to use for political purposes. Karanja Kibicho, who is the head of intelligence at the interior ministry, used to frustrate Ruto because of that money, before he was cut to size.