Why High Fuel Prices in Kenya is Good

I don’t venture into insults, but then, that’s you. So, you are advocating for higher gas prices to discourage the so called brokies from buying cars , which inturn will reduce the number of vehicles in our roads, doesn’t that make you an ‘anti-car’ guy ?
Anyways, if this is the mindset that you’re running your business with , and you are successful as you claim, there must be something very wrong with the business environment in .ke.

Hii akili leaves alot to be desired.

Fuel plays a very vital part in the cost of production, how is raising it going to spur a manufacturing environment mostly considering lower scale manufactures?
And even if locally produced items get to the market will netizens afford them? what are we doing about raising minimum wage in the country.
If the argument if purely on reducing luxury amongst your age mates to open up their minds/abilities, then why not:

  • Ban importation of mitumba cars, it might just incentivize more dealers to open up shop.
  • Ban cheap Chinese plastics into the country.
  • Heavily tax liquor and all its related shenanigan’s
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unahitaji writer. Niko na beste anadai gigs

Two things a government will always avoid is: one defaulting on local debt, and defaulting on government salaries. You see if gava defaults on local debt, their debt rating falls. Which means the only lender will be IMF with its conditions. Locals will never lend the government too.

Nangojea land bubble iburst nishikilie eka mia moja na thao mbili. The first order of business after buying my 100 acres for 2k will be to geo-locate the center of the land using trigonometry. I will them proceed to stab a hole in the ground and reach threshold with my land. She will be a fruitful and bountiful lady

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how is it good? The prices are high because a few people mismanaged the funds that was given to us by foreign creditors.

Nimesoma, nimecheka tu, mtu anafanya online writing, reads wikipedia, sasa akuje to lecture us. hehehehe. Weuh, Kiburi combined na ujinga on these streets is heavy.

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Land bubble will not burst soon in Kenya. We highly value land more than even life itself.