Why He Cred About His Name So Much

He was the head of some self-righteous cult

Krinkam krankam

hii ni uwongo. Obado huwa SDA, as a political leader when campaigning utaiywa kanisa zote for harambee, lazima uvae kama hao just for those votes.



:meffi::meffi: thread.

Why don’t you just text this shit to your girlfriend if you’re going to post a photo with no context ?

I saw somewhere that Obado was also having an affair with the sister of his wife. These women never know when to quit, do they? That’s why they’re getting killed all over. Kyallo came dangerously close, I wonder if she knows it

miguu ya papa apana bend

apantambua muhindi

Alifinywa pale footsteps House na Profesa