Why have we not proved this guy wrong?


Your black empire begins by conquering your current perceived limitations as a black man. You do not need to give a fuck about what the other dumb niggas do. Just play your part and achieve your full potential and teach those that come to supplant you as you age to do the same.

For fvcks sake, how many times are you self hating ass holes gonna post this shit here?

Only we can change our narrative. No one else will change it for us.

Prove, proven

There is always a misconception about that speech but that picture was from Botha’s National Party Congress ‘rubicon’ Speech, 15 August 1985, weher he talked about “adapt or die” shenanigans.
Fact Check has scoured the internet for credible sources where the quoted statements could have been sourced from, but has been unable to find such sources. And while the statements bear the signs of being incredible, this can also not be categorically proven.
But its the internet we believe in anything…a picture and a quote…right?

As a class prefect in standard 3 I reported on a girl who came to class late. She cursed me that I was a judas and that I will never go to heaven. She must have been a seer because I have never proved her wrong!