Why have @talkers declared all business and investment ideas unviable?

Strange that all business and investment ideas on the forum are all shot down. So what should investors do with their cash?

For instance, all the following ideas have been rubbished and termed a waste of resources.

Farming - poultry, dairy, pigs, tomatoes, onions, avocado etc
Business - chips and chicken, gas, uber, pub, cyber, kinyozi, butchery, car hire, boda boda, tuktuk, matatu, lorry, water bowser, exhauster, BnB, hoteli, carwash, petrol station etc.
Investments - bonds, treasury bills, NSE stocks, 50x100 plots, rental houses, etc

Seems the only idea with a positive review on this forum is setting up a brothel.

It is @Azor Ahai who has done that.That guy want everyone to be a peasant like him

Enemies of progress

Easy, all talkers except me, mishty, sameera and another are subbies

There’s no business that’s a 100% guaranteed on profits so take the criticism positively and analyse it…you were asking for advice coz you weren’t sure of it coz if you were,you couldn’t have come to ask for insight

That know it all @Azor Ahai has always found a negative angle for everything. He is the glass empty kinda bladfakin guy.

Why do you losers hate the pure unadulterated truth and when you lose money huwa mnakuja huku bitc.hing and crying asking for advice.

Most of those businesses are actually good. It boils down to the individual…do you have the personality, capital, and competence to implement the idea?? That’s the golden question.

I have seen people succeed where others have failed. I have succeeded where others have failed terribly and vice versa. I succeeded in stocks and failed in farming, yet there are farmers making good money. Before you buy a matatu, you better have a certain personality type that is somewhat crude and rough around the edges otherwise ukiwa softie cops, crew, kanjo and mechanics will exploit you etc etc.

You will never get accurate advice online because there are just so many variables about you as the entrepreneur, that an online correspondent doesn’t know. Use the input you get here for reference only.

Bitch please. I have never lost money. And this truth you talk about is relative and therefore not truth. Kauze investment ideas sabina

@Sura Ngumu Niaje,uliwacha makasiriko

old faggot go get laid and make a family. You cant even impregnant your fellow somalis? Tombwa

We fanya fearshara lakini usifungue brothel naona you are heading there

We are all avid readers of the bible here. Simply sayz it like we seez it

Mathayo Sita 31-34

[B]31[/B]Therefore do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ [B]32[/B]For the Gentiles strive after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. [B]33[/B]But seek first the kingdom of Godg and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.
[SIZE=7][B]34[/B]Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Today has enough trouble of its own.[/SIZE]

Very high standards on ktalk. :D:D

Yeah that guy is a detractor

True. Only Crypto and brothels allowed.

Kama hauanzishi operating system ama search engine, sisi hapana tambua hiyo idea yako :smiley:

You haven’t listed anything new. Anything up there just do. They are probably make-quick-cash and dash operations.

What value investors look for is something they can create equity. For example, if one starts a school with 5 students, he can grow it to 50 in 5 years. True he will defer a monthly income but will create a saleable equity position several times his investment at the end. But hey, opening a school is not fancy.

Maybe a pyramid scheme you’ll be super rich

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